The "new-look" journal: does it give the right impression?/Editor's reply by ProQuest


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LETTERS                                            difficult to read, and is a poor choice for a          Editor’s reply
                                                   high-calibre journal that wishes to attract a
The ‘‘new-look’’ journal: does it                  wider readership.                                      We welcome feedback about the journal,
                                                                                                          and most comments about the new layout
give the right impression?                            Indeed, I find the ‘‘new look’’ altogether
                                                                                                          and format have been favourable. We feel
                                                   less attractive than the old. The page size
I have just had a browse through the ‘‘new-        has been cut down, the paper is thinner and            the design fits well with the more modern
look’’ journal, which — as always — I have                                                                approach to the journal that is evolving. We
                                                   more grey, the typeface used is smaller and
found useful, informative and thought-                                                                    accept David Mayor’s comments that it was
                                                   less definitive. As well as making the
provoking. However, there are a couple of                                                                 difficult to read the small black text on the
                                                   contents of the journal more difficult to
points I would like to make on presentation.                                                              cover of the last issue and we are now using
                                                   read, this smacks of subservience to the
                                                                                                          a heavier typeface. As for the journal’s
   I know we shouldn’t dream of recycling a        corporate image rather than individuality, of
                                                                                                          tendency to slip off the knees, we aim to
journal like this, which may well remain in        a profession (medical specialism, if you
                                                                                                          solve that by providing articles that are
dusty archives long after we have all rotted       prefer) allowing itself to
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