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    the Possibilities
    Manufacturers describe the
    hidden talents of wide-format
    scanners                                                                                      Contex SD4490

    By Steven Shaw

        They say that “what comes out is only as good as what     they are able to produce a smaller format that is more con-
    goes in.” Therefore wide-format scanners play a large role    venient to work with in the field.
    in the production of high-quality graphics. While many            We also see real estate companies and CAD/GIS pro-
    think of wide-format scanners as merely a way to make         fessionals scanning maps for further processing. In this
    copies of large documents, the uses vary as wide as the       instance, any change made on a map is scanned and entered
    scanners themselves. How can print service providers          into a database that can be easily found in case of emer-
    make the best use of their wide-format scanners? How can      gency. Wide-format scanners can also benefit PSPs when
    they bring in new business?                                   they receive unusual requests from customers, such as the
                                                                  request to reproduce large family trees or a caricature made
    What is the most popular use for wide-format scanners?        in Montmartre during a honeymoon.
        Laetitia Destombes, product manager, Large Format             Kelley Rodill, marketing manager, Contex Americas,
    Printing Division, HP: Large-format scanners and multi-       Inc.: Document archival and short-run copying are the
    function printers (MFPs) are used to digitize documents       most popular uses for wide-format scanners. However, we
    for archiving purposes or to make copies. The most            see just about every possible use imaginable. The sky is the
    common application is scanning older originals that are       limit. We see scanning of graphic arts, fine art, engineering
    only available in a paper format to create a digital copy     and GIS documents, raster to vector conversion, proofing
    or a version of the document that is easier to handle.        for press runs, apparel, the list goes on and on.
    For example, companies often have a store of old draw-            Maree Joyce, product marketing specialist, Wide-
    ings and have a need to digitize the originals for security   Format Printing Systems Division of Océ North America:
    reasons, to create more space and to increase accessibil-     Storing and preserving drawings—not only to preserve lega-
    ity to the files for other members of the organization.       cy documents and save space, but also to more easily search
    Large-format scanning technologies allow them to do this      for drawings from a digital archive and distribute them to
    quickly and easily. Additionally, customers working in the    wherever needed as quickly as possible.
    technical industry often want to take a D- or E-size map          Jane Hicks, mark
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