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New Jersey Bucks Downturn, Holds Full-Day


Despite challenging economic conditions, the New Jersey Chapter marched forward with its Full-Day Seminar on Friday, May 15, at the Meadow Wood Manor in Randolph, NJ. It was the Chapter's third meeting of the year at its new facility, secured with the help of an active Board powered by past presidents. The Chapter is renowned for the heavy involvement of its ex-officers and its ability to attract new talent. In spite of the economic malaise gripping the Northeast, the Seminar was attended by over 125 tax executives, whose support made the meeting a success. The primary sponsor of the seminar was KPMG LLP, who brought a covey of talented speakers to the meeting.

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									New Jersey Bucks Downturn, Holds Full-Day
James Goldie
Tax Executive; May/Jun 2009; 61, 3; Docstoc
pg. 184

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