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                                                            EVENT CALENDAR   july                                                                     august
                                                                             13-17 (Mon.-Fri.)                                                        26-28 (Wed.-Fri.)
                                                                             The Print Media Academy (PMA) of Heidelberger                            RIT will hold its on campus Lithographic Relationships and Variables semi-
                                                                             Druckmaschinen AG will host the Summer University in                     nar. This seminar, created and taught by industry expert Ray Prince, vice
                                                                             Heidelberg, Germany. International managers from the print               president and senior consultant, Operations Management, NAPL, will help
                                                                             media industry are invited to participate in a five-day intensive        you learn the basic composition and properties of offset materials and
                                                                             training in Heidelberg. The training is aimed at providing par-          give you a sound understanding of the lithographic process. In three days,
                                                                             ticipants with concrete strategy and business plans for their            you’ll gain an understanding of the interrelationships among inks, papers,
                                                                             businesses as well as the opportunity to share experiences and           plates, blankets and fountain solutions, and presses. As a result, you’ll be
                                                                             swap success strategies. This year’s Summer University will              able to better troubleshoot and analyze printing problems to improve qual-
                                                                             focus on transferring practical know-how. Participants will have         ity and productivity. By exploring the interactions that cause many common
                                                                             the chance to work with the experts to analyze the feasibility           press problems, you will gain an understanding of the variables involved,
                                                                             and sustainability of various models and strategies based on             as well as the means for controlling them. For more information, e-mail Ken
                                                                             a number of case studies. The seminar will be held in English.           Posman at or call (800) 724-2536 ext. 815.
                                                                             To register, contact Silvia Becker at +49 (0) 6221-92 50 11 or

                                                                                                                                                        Resources in This Issue:
                                                                             20-21 (Mon.-Tues.)                                                            
                                                                             PIA’s Total Immersion: Digital Color, Optimizing Color from Your           
                                                                             Digital Press, is a brand new workshop designed to supply you                  
                                                                             with a comprehensive look at what it takes to produce reliable,              
                                                                             high-quality digital output. Two intense days of hands-on training                     
                                                                             will get you totally immersed—and totally knowledgeable—on the                   
                                                                             subject of digital color and press optimization. Bring your thoughts,                   
                                                                             pain points, and stories to share with your peers—and with the          
                                                                             experts. Apply the troubleshooting, benchmarking, and mainte-                  
                                                                             nance skills you learn to improve color output and consistency,                        
                                                                             increase production speed while maintaining quality, and build and                    
                                                                             ensure customer satisfaction. The member rate is $595 and the                  
                                                                             standard rate is $1,095. For more information or to register, visit            
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