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      By Dan Denue and Fred Jones

How A ‘Touch Of Technology’ Can Invigorate the Training Experience

       o matter how technologically           six to ten hour e-training session,
       advanced and intuitive today’s         conducted within a quiet classroom set-
       machines are, there remains one        ting. Using a laptop computer that was
critical component that enables them to       projected onto a white board screen,
run effectively: the operator. Print opera-   the Muller Martini trainer helped facili-
tions worldwide spend a considerable          tate a variety of electronic multimedia
amount of money to obtain the very            learning tools, that included PowerPoint
best in pre- and postpress machinery          presentations and video. Tests were
so they can meet their clients’ contin-       administered following the completion
ued demands. That’s why a dedicated           of each e-module, and general group as-
commitment to employee training               sessments were made in terms of what
needs to be an integral part of that          areas needed further reinforcement.
investment. What’s more, training pro-
grams that integrate digital components       3. Classroom lecture. Continuing within
are likely to be more easily embraced—        a focused classroom environment, the
and assimilated—by today’s workers.           Muller Martini trainer then reviewed and
                                              reinforced the lessons learned from
Case in Point: Webcrafters Inc.               the e-learning modules, and fielded any
In order to grow market share, Webcraft-      questions the trainees had. The group
ers, a family-owned, Wisconsin-based          was also provided individual Primera        tors before their shift started, they were   ➜ Accelerated return on investment.
book manufacturing services company,          Operator Manuals for further reference      just extremely impressed with what they      Since the machine and products are
recently installed Muller Martini’s           and note taking.                            had gotten from just their first eight       up-and-running as soon as possible
Primera E140, a state-of-the-art saddle                                                   or so hours of training. And we hadn’t       after installation, the duration for return
stitcher with runs at up to 14,000            4. Hands-on. After the completion of        put a single piece of paper through the      on investment shortens, and profits are
cycles per hour. A comprehensive,             classroom training, it was back to the      machine yet.”                                realized faster.
effective training program was critical       plant floor and the Primera for some
to meeting that objective. Webcrafters’       troubleshooting. Each operator was          Why is training so important?                ➜ Prolonged machine life. A good train-
four-shift operation mandated that a          equipped with a headset, and the                                                         ing program covers maintenance as
total of eight employees (each with vary-     trainer utilized a wireless microphone      ➜ The printing industry is experiencing      well, further reducing downtime.
ing levels of experience) be trained: four    so as not to disrupt surrounding            unprecedented turnover.
primary operators, two engineers, and         co-workers. Better still, the wireless                                                   ➜ Increased employee engagement.
two maintenance workers.                      mike allowed for clear communication        ➜ There is a shortage of skilled labor.      Effective, innovative training creates a
                                              between the Muller Martini trainer and                                                   highly positive workflow. It unleashes an
With this particular installation, Muller     the class participants.                     ➜ Technical colleges have eliminated         energy and interest that has employees
Martini introduced a brand-new compo-                                                     apprenticeship programs.                     not only eager to participate, but allows
nent to its trainin
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