Going Beyond Google The Invisible Web in Learning and Teaching by ProQuest


Going Beyond Google: The Invisible Web in Learning and Teaching, by Jane Devine and Francine Egger-Sider, is reviewed.

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									a very plausible way. I am afraid that if I   between the visible and invisible web         those pushy vendors do, not what we
was his target I would unwittingly give       and the relationships between search          librarians do to let our patrons know
up the information he sought—he               engines and the content that is avail-        of our worth. Well, that has got to
shows how if you request information          able. Part 2 focuses on strategies for        change, and this book will give you the
such as social security numbers, bank         finding and utilizing the invisible web       tools to do it.
account numbers, and so on in a way           and includes some suggested activities           The authors co-founded Cyber-
that seems logical, people won’t think        for students in all disciplines. A small      nautics, an early web marketing
twice about giving it up.                     sampling of tools to search the invisible     agency that launched some very large
   Everyone should read this book. It will    web are included, but these are pro-          brands. However, Harden is now VP of
make you think twice about that email,        vided more to give an idea of what is         Institutional Advancement at Hardin
telephone call, or person visiting your       possible than to be at all comprehen-         Simmons University, and Heyman is
office—and awareness is everything.           sive. This section also contains a case       Chief Search Officer at Mediasmith.
                                              study research example that is useful         They have been involved in online
                                              for seeing how the different strategies       marketing efforts for organizations
                                              work together. Part 3 looks at new ini-       of all sizes and types and have distilled
       Going Beyond Google:                   tiatives and how the gap between the          their knowledge into this highly
    The Invisible Web in Learning             invisible and visible web is narrowing.       readable book.
             and Teaching                        The authors are both from LaGuardia           The first part of the book helps you
          by Jane Devine and                  Community College; Devine is the chief        set your goals and expectations as you
         Francine Egger-Sider                 librarian and Egger-Sider is coordinator      think about engaging your audience. It
                                              of technical services. It is clear from the   provides a brief overview of best prac-
          ISBN: 978-1555706333
              Published: 2009
                                              amount of effort they put into the argu-      tices for online marketing, and then it
         Pages: 156 pp.; softcover            ments presented that they have faced          helps you take a look at your current
                 Price: $65                   the frustration of students thinking they     website with suggestions for improv-
 Available from: Neal-Schuman Publishers,     know it all about searching and being         ing access. The second part of the
        100 William St., Suit
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