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									                                                              InnoCentive, Inc. and Nature Publishing Group
                                                              (NPG) announced a partnership to facilitate
                                                              greater scientific collaboration and open inno-
                                                              vation via an online marketplace. Global chal-
                     Peopleware                               lenges such as the development of better pro-
                                                              tection against malaria; finding ways to shorten the clinical trials process; and
                                                              the design of environmentally friendly, sustainable product packaging are some
                                                              of the issues that will be addressed (;
                                                              GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources)
                 Swets appointed Eduard Cohen,
                                                              is a new electronic resource from Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, offering ref-
                 formerly with Elsevier’s Science and
                                                              erence content in environment, energy, and natural resources. GREENR focuses
                 Technology Division, as its new CEO
                                                              on the academic study of sustainability and the environment as a one-stop site
                 and acting CFO.
                                                              with news and background information, videos, unique commentaries, primary
                                                              source documents, and statistics. It is presented in a Web 2.0 environment to fa-
                 Annie Callanan, former Bowker
                                                              cilitate content portability and community building (
                 president and CEO, has been named
                 ProQuest chief operating officer.            An expanded version of Infotherm, a database of thermophysical experimen-
                 Callanan will report to ProQuest             tal data from FIZ CHEMIE Berlin, is now available. Its new form eliminates man-
                 CEO Marty Kahn and manage the                ual searching through hit lists, and users are no longer required to enter a spe-
                 day-to-day operations for Pro-               cific compound name. Costs are incurred only when specific numeric values
                 Quest’s publishing, marketing, cus-          are displayed (
                 tomer care, and content operations.
                                                              FIZ Karlsruhe GmbH now offers its informatics and computer science portal,
                                                    , free of charge with a new database interface and numerous new
                 Innodata Isogen announced that
                                                              search functions. FIZ Karlsruhe produces the database with its partners
                 Anthea Stratigos, co-founder and
                                                              Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) e.V., University of Trier, Springer-Verlag
                 CEO of Outsell, Inc., was unani-
                                                              GmbH, and IEEE Computer Society (
                 mously elected to its board of
                 directors.                                   Begell House, Inc. int
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