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                                        Job Function:
                                        As a software engineer at Clickability, a San Francisco-based company that
Name With The Face:                     provides on-demand web content management, Akshobhya Mann is responsible for
Akshobhya Mann                          developing release deliverables such as enhancements and bug fixes for the
                                        Clickability platform. “During the on-boarding process with customers, I also work
Job Title:                              with a team of individuals from our Professional Services group, developers from
Software Engineer
                                        third-party services, and with the customers themselves,” says Mann.

                                        The engineering team employs the “scrum” agile software development
Clickability, Inc.
                                        methodology for its project needs. “Using scrum allows me to provide a rapid,
                                        flexible response to our client’s business needs,” says Mann, noting that the
                                        ability to set short-term plans works well when the marketplace in which
                                        Clickability operates is changing so rapidly.

                                        In A Day’s Work:
                                        Coffee bookends Mann's day, which is otherwise spent coding in Eclipse,
                                        attending the daily scrum meeting for status updates, and documenting project
                                        progress and open issues. “The scrum team that I'm working with changes
                                        every few weeks depending on the project,” says Mann.

                                        Mann also connects with clients via conference calls that can be very brief or last
                                        for a few hours. “During launches I may even go on location with customers,”
                                        says Ma
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