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									                                                                                                                                                                   InformationToday              39
                                                                                                                                                             July/August 2009

publishers each night and deconstructs          NewsBytes                                    with the human resource management            company’s customer service received the
some 350 web newspapers to the article          (continued from page 8)                      tools it represents.                          highest marks, with more than 98% of
level with automatic translation for sear-                                                      Source: CRS Advanced Technology            respondents rating it good or excellent.
ching the database, browsing, and full-                                                      (               Coutts’ Standing Orders service also
image. It’s a very cool technology but with
                                                CRS Introduces New Identity                                                                scored high with more than 90% rating
a very limited archive, built for the tourism      CRS, Inc. changed its name to CRS                                                       it good or excellent; overall print and
industry. It found its way to us and the        Advanced Technology, unveiling a new         Coutts Customers Rate                         ebook services were close behind with
library marketplace. We could apply it to
everything, but these guys haven’t gone
                                                logo and company website to complement
                                                the switch. The company, which devel-
                                                                                             Services in Survey                            89% rating them good or excellent. Fi-
                                                                                                                                           nally, Coutts’ cataloging service also re-
to archiving yet.” He added, “It’s not as       oped the SubFinder automated absence            Coutts Information Services’ U.K. cus-     ceived good grades with 86% calling it
easy as perceived.”                             management software product, decided to      tomers disclosed their thoughts about the     good or excellent.
   The technology is not really the prob-       overhaul its image to increase visibility    service in a customer satisfaction survey        Source: Coutts Information Services
lem, according to Kris Carpenter, direc-        and to associate the company name more       conducted in February and March. The          (
tor of the web group at Internet Archive,
producer of the Wayback Machine that
takes snapshots of the entire open web.
   “Web crawling and harvesting tech-
nology has been around since the ’90s,”
she says, “though some might say it was

           Neither publishers
              nor third-party
            aggregators have
          stepped up to their
             responsibility to
               protect digital
           content as well as
                print content.

only in the last five years that
it became so usable you could do it with-
out special technical expertise in-house.
We don’t do news now because we don’t
have permission, but if permissions were
in place and it would match our mission,
we would probably do it.”
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