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July/August 2009

                                                                                                istration functions. GoLibrary machines can be installed inside or outside a library’s
                                                                                                walls, as well as in areas where traditional libraries can’t operate, such as shopping
                                                                                                areas, schools, hospitals, and offices.
                                                                                                   Source: Evanced Solutions, Inc. (

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                                                                                                Reprints Desk Targets Salesforce CRM Customers
       more than 3,800 artists. Sub-                                                               Reprints Desk, Inc.’s Reprints NRx for the AppExchange is making it
       scribers can find jazz perfor-                                                           easier for Salesforce CRM customers to obtain reprints of peer-reviewed articles for
       mances licensed from record                                                              use in promotions and educational programs. The product is a procurement service
       labels such as Verve, GRP                                                                that lets buyers in healthcare marketing and communications, sales, product man-
       Records, Impulse, Jazzology                                                              agement, and medical affairs request quotes and place orders within Salesforce CRM.
       Records, American Music Rec-                                                             Reprints NRx is available at the AppExchange website at www.sales
       ords, Fantasy Jazz, Contem-                                                    
       porary Records, Good Time                                                                   Source: Reprints Desk, Inc. (
       Jazz, Milestone Records, Mon-
       terey Jazz Festival Records,
       and more. Alexander Street                                                               CAS Lends a Hand to Nonchemists
       Press also held the first an-                                                               The Chemical Abstracts Service’s (CAS) Common Chemistry resource is giving non-
       nual Online Jazz Music Festival in May, when the Jazz Music Library first opened         chemists plenty of discovery options. For those who only know a chemical’s name or
       to the public.                                                                           CAS Registry number, the free, web-based service lets users search a database of roughly
          Source: Alexander Street Press (                           7,800 more well-known chemicals, such as caffeine, benzoyl peroxide, and sodium chlo-
                                                                                                ride. Common Chemistry also includes data on all 118 elements in the periodic table.
                                                                                                   Source: Chemical Abstracts Service, a division of the American Chemical Society
       The Lancet Returns to Dialog                                                             (
          The Lancet is now again part of Dialog, LLC and is available on the Dialog and
       DataStar platforms. The publication was removed from the services in 2002, when
       it was selectively indexed by other databases. It was then made available through        Profiler X Shines a Light on Corporate Contact Info
       ProQuest, which purchased Dialog in 2008. Dialog also added more than 300 new               Sales and marketing professionals can now find comprehensive company and con-
       sources to ABI/INFORM and 400 new sources to Periodical Abstracts Plus.                  tact information with Broadlook Technologies, Inc.’s Profiler X. The product builds
          Source: Dialog (                                                       upon the company’s previous Broadlook Profiler by combining insight and analysis
                                                                                                from Hoover’s with real-time internet information gleaned from company websites,
                                                                                                PDFs, newsgroups, and more. When contact information is found, Profiler X ranks
       Nielsen Book LibScan Fuels                                                               results based on when they were posted, how often they appear, the quality of their
       Library Authority Competition                                                            sources, and relevancy. A source-preview box also displays the contact’s bio, related
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