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									                                                                                                                                                                InformationToday               33
                                                                                                                                                           July/August 2009

online green business community that features breaking news, commentary, videos,              have printed, bound, and de-
and data, as well as analysis from partners such as CNET, Greener World Media,                livered at the point of sale
and Wired. Another resource, a small-business community site, is also being launched          within minutes. The machines
with a small-business blog from Reuters journalist Jon Cook.                                  can be found in bookstores, li-
   In other news, the Healthcare and Science business of Thomson Reuters’ End-                braries, and other sites.
Note bibliographic management software is now compatible with                     Source: Ingram Content
Writer. Those who purchase EndNote X3 for Windows, which was released in June,                Group, Inc. (www.talktoingram
can use its Cite While You Write technology within Writer to format in-text citations         .com)
instantly and revise entire papers in more than 3,300 different styles. EndNote is
available for $299.95 and $115.95 for customers with a valid student ID.
   Source: Thomson Reuters (                                           Nature, World Scientific Publishing
                                                                                              Tackle Nanoscience
                                                      Amazon Kindle DX                                                                                  The World Scientific Pub-
                                                                                                                                                     lishing Co. and the Nature
                                                      to Debut                                                                                       Publishing Group harvested
                                                      This Summer                                                                                    more than 30 review articles
                                                                                                                                                     from researchers working in
                                                         On the heels of the Amazon Kin-                                                             nanoscience and nanotechnol-
                                                      dle 2, the company is already plan-                                                            ogy to put together the Nano-
                                                      ning to unveil the ebook reader’s                                                              science and Technology: A Col-
                                                      next iteration this summer called       lection of Reviews From Nature Journals. Set for release during the Frankfurt Book
                                                      Kindle DX. The product, which is in     Fair in October, the book covers topics such as nanomaterials and nanostructures,
                                                      beta, features a 9.7" screen, larger    molecular machines and devices, and nanoelectronics.
                                                      storage capacity, and E Ink’s 14           Source: Nature Publishing Group (
                                                      shades of gray, which minimize
                                                      eyestrain and glare. The Kindle DX,
                                                      which can store up to 3,500 books,      New Search Options Keep Tweets in Check
                                                      also includes built-in PDF support         Twitter introduced several features that help users find Tweets of interest and
                                                      for Adobe Mobile Reader.                discover what their peers are saying. Using technology acquired from startup Sum-
                                                         Source: Amazon (           mize, Twitter introduced a search bar in the navigation area of its site that indexes
                                                      .com)                                   posts in near-real time, as well as a Trending Topics feature that highlights the most
                                                                                              popular Tweet subjects. The service also will expand its coverage to linked pages and
                                                                                              highlight useful links; Twitter’s goal is to compet
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