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									                                                                                                                                                                     InformationToday               27
                                                                                                                                                                       www.infotoday.com   July/August 2009

      Meet the Editor

David Myron: Evolutionary Road Warrior
by LAUREE PADGETT   |                           ecutives as well as C-level professionals.       he cites the special February issue of CRM,
                                                CRM now has more stories about people            the “Recession Issue” that was devoted to

       t’s time to profile another editor       and business process strategies as well          recession strategies. The feature section
       whom I have only started to get to       as technology strategies. “All of our sto-       in the June issue titled Who Owns the So-
       know in the past few years.              ries have one common thread—to help              cial Customer? focused on that topic. Like-
    David Myron, who works on two of            companies improve their customer rela-           wise, the features in Speech Technology’s
Information Today, Inc.’s newer publi-          tionships,” he says.                             January/February issue concentrated on
cations (CRM and Speech Technology),               Speech Technology magazine, which             Implementation Strategies 2009. In the
                       originally worked on     was founded in 1995 under the editorial          June issue, the magazine also debuted a
                       CRM for 2.5 years        direction of Brian Lewis at CI Publishing,       new column called The Business Case,
                       beginning in 2001 as     Inc., is also now part of Myron’s domain.        by Donna Fluss, which focuses on speech         David Myron
                       a senior editor, fo-     In 2000, the publication was sold to Am-         solutions for enterprises.
                       cusing on customer       Comm Holdings, Inc., spearheaded by                                                              and “search them for indicators of cus-
                       service and contact      John Kelly. Then in June 2006, ITI ac-                                                           tomer frustration or anger, such as an in-
                       center strategies. Af-   quired the publication from AmComm. At
                                                                                                 Hot Stuff                                       crease in decibel levels, curse words, or
                       ter a stint as senior    the time of the acquisition, most of the             Analytics and SaaS (software as a           competitors’ names.” For organizations,
                       editor of American       magazine’s content was written by indus-         service or hosted CRM) continue to be hot       automated outbound messaging offers the
                       Demographics, in         try practitioners, including speech tech-        topics for CRM magazine.                        ability to notify large groups of people
    Lauree Padgett     which he covered the     nology engineers and developers, VUI                 “Many companies are investing in these      about sudden changes (i.e., flight delays
                       buying and behav-        (voice user interface) designers, market-        technologies today,” says Myron. “Software      and cancellations) or regular notifications
ioral techniques of Gen X-ers, he returned      ing professionals, and vendor executives.        as a service enables more companies to          (i.e., prescription refills).
to CRM in January 2006 as its editor-in-           Within a year, Speech Technology mag-         benefit from CRM solutions through a low-
chief. Eighteen months later, he became         azine was redesigned by ITI senior de-           cost, monthly subscription model, as op-
the editorial director of Speech Technology.    signer Laura Hegyi. The extreme make-            posed to investing large sums of money into
                                                                                                                                                 Show Stoppers
At that point, he also took on the same         over was also carried over into the web-         the implementation and maintenance of              As program director of the CRM Evolu-
title for CRM.                                  site and the email newsletter. In fact, the      an on-premises CRM system.” This means          tion and SpeechTEK conferences, Myron
                                                circulation of the newsletter more than          that companies of any size can capture,         also helps to organize ITI’s new Exception-
                                                doubled to 25,000. Then, three full-time         track, and manage valuable customer data.       al Customer Experience (ECE) Summit.
Historically Speaking                           editors were hired, daily news coverage          Once their transactional CRM systems are           CRM Evolution and the ECE Summit
    CRM, which stands for customer rela-        was initiated with original stories loaded       in place, companies can look into analyt-       are designed to help attendees learn and
tionship management, launched in 1997           on the website, and the C-level and exec-        ics applications, which help organizations      share strategies that promote innovation,
with the title Sales and Field Force Auto-      utive-level readership increased from 44%        make good use of the great customer data        cut costs, increase revenue, and improve
mation, published by Freedom Technology         to 60% by May 2007.                              their CRM systems are collecting.               customer relationships across sales, mar-
Media Group. Under the editorial helm of                                                             “Analytics can be used to determine         keting, and customer service departments.
Larry Tuck in March 
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