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A global leader in serving libraries of all types, ProQuest LLC (“ProQuest”) supports the breadth of the information community with innovative discovery solutions that power the business of books and the best in research experience. More than a content provider or aggregator, ProQuest is an information partner, creating indispensable research solutions that connect people and information. Through innovative, user-centered discovery technology, ProQuest offers billions of pages of global content that includes historical newspapers, dissertations, and uniquely relevant resources for researchers of any age and sophistication—including content not likely to be digitized by others.

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									                                                                                                                                                                        InformationToday               25
                                                                                                                                                                          www.infotoday.com   July/August 2009

Publishers and Libraries:                    mation access due to the combined pres-                     The full report is available at www.arl     about the right things. His advice was
                                             sures of inflation and budget restrictions.                 .org/bm~doc/transformational-times.pdf.     simple: Just do it faster. To him, the
An ARL Report                                                                                                                                        most exciting thing about the meeting
    In the second-day plenary address,                                                                                                               was what happened outside of it: More
Charles Lowry, Association of Research
                                                                                                                    Outside the Meeting              than 1,000 Twitter posts were tagged
Libraries (ARL) executive director, dis-                                                                               The closing panel members     with #SSP09.
cussed a survey of members of the ARL.                                                                              summarized their thoughts           The 2010 SSP meeting will be held
Since research libraries are facing the                                                                             about the meeting, and sev-      June 2–4 in San Francisco.
most difficult fiscal management prob-                                                                              eral of them commented on
lems in history, it is imperative to find                                                                           Twitter and collaboration.
innovative ways to work together. Set-                                                                              Adam Weiss, a podcasting
tling down will only lead to a broad de-                                                                            consultant, said he thought         Donald T. Hawkins is information
cline of the mission of the research li-                                                                            the publishing industry was      technology and database consultant at
brary, and the next 18 months will be a                                                                             in major trouble before the      Information Today, Inc. His email ad-
true test. Libraries need to establish                                                                              meeting, but he has become       dress is dthawkins@verizon.net. Send your
their credibility, which is not easy. Many                                                                          more optimistic after hear-      comments about this article to itletters@
libraries are expected to reduce infor-      The tag cloud depicts key terms in the ARL survey report.              ing that people are talking      infotoday.com.

                       CONFERENCES AROUND THE WORLD
                                                                     For information on ITI’s conferences, turn to page 20.

        July                                                                                              August
        5–10: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Conservatorium van Amsterdam). The In-                              4–6: London (London Metropolitan Business School). The Second Inter-
        ternational Association of Music Libraries Archives and Documentation                             national Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and
        Centres/International Musicology Society International Conference                                 Web Technologies (ICADIWT 2009) gives scientists, engineers, and prac-
        features a keynote address from Martin Bossenbroek, director of collections                       titioners a place to present their work in computational intelligence, artifi-
        and services and acting director-general of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, the                      cial intelligence, networking, neural networks, network security, biometrics
        national library of the Netherlands.                                                              technologies and applications, pattern recognition and biometrics security,
           Site: Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Oosterdokskade 151, 1011 DL                                and bioinformatics.
        Amsterdam, Netherlands; contact www.iamlconference2009.nl.                                            Site: London Metropolitan Business School, London Metropolitan Uni-
                                                                                                          versity, 31 Jewry St., London, EC3N 2EY, UK; contact www.dirf.org/
        7–8: London (The Tower Hotel). The SIPA UK Congress 2009 addresses                                diwt2009.
        challenges, issues, and opportunities surrounding subscription publishing
        with round tables, practical case studies, and presentations o
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