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                                                 AAAI 2008
                                                Fall Symposia

                            Jacob Beal, Paul Bello, Nicholas Cassimatis, Michael Coen,
                          Paul R. Cohen, Alex Davis, Mark Maybury, Alexei Samsonovich,
                          Andrew Shilliday, Marjorie Skubic, Joshua Taylor, Sharon Walter,
                                     Patrick Winston, and Beverly Park Woolf

n The Association for the Advancement of                    Adaptive Agents in                             havioral phenomena across cultures.
  Artificial Intelligence was pleased to pres-                                                              This theoretical basis spoke directly to
  ent the 2008 Fall Symposium Series, held                  Cultural Contexts                              one of the two major modeling ap-
  Friday through Sunday, November 7–9,                                                                     proaches among the symposium’s pa-
  at the Westin Arlington Gateway in Ar-             The goal of the Adaptive Agents in
                                                     Cultural Contexts symposium was to                    pers, focusing on behavioral aspects of
  lington, Virginia. The titles of the seven
  symposia were (1) Adaptive Agents in               investigate agents and environments                   the individual agent. In these ap-
  Cultural Contexts, (2) AI in Eldercare:            for behavior in social and cultural con-              proaches, cultural characteristics of
  New Solutions to Old Problems, (3) Auto-           texts and for realistic adaptation of                 behavior in individual agents was
  mated Scientific Discovery, (4) Biological-         such agents to changing situations.                   identified and implemented in the
  ly Inspired Cognitive Architectures, (5)                                                                 context of conventional cognitive ar-
                                                        Computational human behavior
  Education Informatics: Steps toward the                                                                  chitectures. The other major modeling
  International Internet Classroom, (6)
                                                     models, in extending a conventional
                                                                                                           approach tackled the issue of cultural
  Multimedia Information Extraction, and             information-processing approach, face
                                                                                                           change, simulating the transmission
  (7) Naturally Inspired AI.                         two complex problems: adaptation
                                                                                                           of culture through societies of agents.
                                                     and evolution of behavior, and the
                                                                                                           These approaches drew from theoreti-
                                                     cultural specificity of cognition. These
                                                                                                           cal underpinnings in genetics and
                                                     fields are vast, variegated, informed by               memetics, studying phenomena such
                                                     disparate theoretical and technical dis-              as coalition formation in an artificial
                                                     ciplines, and interrelated. This sympo-               life environment.
                                                     sium was intended to examine the in-                     Applications for adaptive and cul-
                                                     tersection of findings from the field,                  turally sensitive models included sim-
                                                     theory, and applications in such areas                ulation-based training, decision aids,
                                                     as autonomous agent models and sim-                   and environments for communication
                                                     ulations for research, international                  and collaboration between agents
                                                     commercial enterprise, nongovern-                     both automated and human con-
                                                     mental organizations, and military, as                trolled. Part of the symposium in-
                                                     well as commercial, games.                            volved the demonstration and analy-
                                                        The symposium began with an in-                    sis of virtual environments for agents,
                                                     vited talk given by psychologist Helen                along with automated agents in these
                                                     Klein of Wright State University, who                 environments, such as the inhabitants
                                                     addressed the dimensions of culturally                of an Iraqi town demonstrating cul-
                                                     specific cognition and surveyed be-                    turally accurate verbal, gestural, and

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