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Decision Making
Mission Analysis
                                              The Only
                                         Critical Skill
Situational Awareness

                                         By Lt. Paul Kepner

                                                       t the dinner table in the wardroom of USNS Bridge
                                                       (T-AOE 10), a discussion switched from the usual
                                                       analysis of movies and disappointing sports teams to
                                                       the topic of child development. “Why is it,” my col-
                                                       leagues from the air detachment and I wondered, “that
                                         some siblings can turn out so profoundly different from their broth-
                                         ers and sisters, when they grow up in the same household?”
                                              We explored this question for a while, as if we were the first
                                         people ever to ponder “nature versus nurture.” I told the group I
                                         believed that sometimes there are pivotal points in people’s lives,
                                         and that those moments can influence a person’s development far
                                         more than their nature.
                                              I had been a proud member of HSC-21 for almost a year and
CRM Contacts:                            was about to deploy on my nugget cruise on board USNS Bridge as
Naval Aviation Schools Command
                                         part of Det. 1. The detachment had supported USS Ronald Reagan
Crew Resource Management                 (CVN-76) strike group’s CompTuEx from the beach earlier in the
181 Chambers Ave., Suite C               month, and we almost were finished with JTFEX.
Pensacola FL 32508-5221                       April 18 was the last fly-day of JTFEX for our det and consisted
(850) 452-2088/5567 (DSN 922)
Fax (850)452-2639                        of vertreps between NAS North Island (NASNI) and Bridge, and   several pax runs from Reagan. The day had been long and nonstan-
crm.htm                                  dard, which was beginning to become the standard. After dropping
LCdr. Jeff Alton, Naval Safety Center    off the last passengers at the NASNI terminal, the HAC and I
(757) 444-3520, Ext.7231 (DSN 564)       launched for the short trip back to Bridge to shut down for the day.                        With about five miles to go, we checked in with tower with a see-
                                         you. Tower came back with a request from the 
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