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Representing Your Best Interests!


To give you some idea as to how much position taking we've been involved in, I will spend the remainder of my column summarizing how active we've been over just this past year in representing the interests of those whom NEHA serves. * NEHA took a position on imported food; * took a position on global climate change; * took a position in support of tobacco control legislation; * developed and adopted an original position on the sale and distribution of raw milk; * joined a sign-on letter in support of the Pew Trust for America's Health "Vision for a Healthier America"; * took a position of support for "One Health," which represents an effort to more holistically see human and animal health as a combined issue; * took a position in support of Healthiest Nation's Alliance; * developed and submitted a position on the much-heralded George Washington University Report "Agenda for Strengthening State and Local Roles in the Nation's Food Safety System"; * took a strong position on the draft of the first set of public health accreditation standards; * developed a policy statement for members to use that expresses NEHAs concern for environmental health in the face of budget cutbacks taking place at the state and local levels of government; * took a policy position to waive the dues of members who have become unemployed; * took the position to develop a special fund to help support the membership of environmental health practitioners from thirdworld countries; * is currently developing a position on thirdparty auditors for food protection; * joined a letter to support H. R. 1381, which calls for an increased federal commitment for prioritizing prevention; * joined a sign-on letter that urged that public health and prevention become an essential element to health care reform; * joined a sign-on letter to support the Climate Change Health Protection and Promotion Act; * joined a sign-on letter to support increased funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC);

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