Torah Academy: Creating Community Every Day by ProQuest


"Torah Academy serves the entire Orthodox community, and it's wonderful for students to see the variety of customs within Orthodoxy. We create a high-quality rigorous Jewish and academic environment, where each student can feel comfortable practicing his or her family's Orthodox customs," notes Jablon, who has completed his first year as menahal. Some 277 students attend the lower school, and their religious and synagogue affiliations include centrist Orthodox, Chabad, Aish HaTorah and Haredi.Torah Academy's art and physical-education programs round out the lowerschool curriculum. "When I paint, I realize that everything in nature is beautiful," says eighth-grader Leeba Selengut. During an eighth-grade outdoor landscape painting class, Alyssa Gabay, says that "painting shows me the miracle of God's creations through nature.""It's lots of work, and lots of fun," she says. "Proving our ideas, crafting clear, strong arguments, and public speaking are skills I use in A.P. English and biblical studies."

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