Rings True by ProQuest


Locally, Eric Sack, owner of Sack's Jewelers in Jenkintown, confirms that the bridal market has not been hit by the recession. "The bridal market has really helped the retail jewelry business," Sack says. "There isn't an American woman alive who doesn't want a diamond when she gets engaged.""Men's is the fastest-growing category in jewelry," [Harvey Rovinsky] says. "And now, there are more choices for men's wedding bands."Other unique rings? Colored diamonds. While white diamonds make up 90 percent of the engagement market, colored diamonds are available. "Yellow diamonds are the most popular of the colored diamonds," says Eric Sack of Sack's Jewelers. "Pink, red and blue diamonds can be had. But, most of their popularity is from advertising. It's an unusual choice, but might not be a durable choice."

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