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There Will Be Blood in Central Park by ProQuest


The tribal-rock musical, which the Public Theater revived last summer at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park, and Euripides' ancient Greek tragedy, which lands in the same slot starting Aug. 11, may bear a few dynamic resemblances (sexual rebellion and Dionysian frenzy giving way to disorder and death), but thematically Akalaitis insists that the two works don't chime at all. How are we going to stage that without everyone chuckling? Flanked by a team of tony collaborators (translator Nicholas Rudall, choreographer David Neumann, dramaturgjames Leverett and lighting designer Jennifer Tipton), Akalaitis envisages an outdoor Bacchae whose maenadic ecstasies and horrific darkness will be just as exultant and dangerous indoors, when it transfers to D.C.'s Shakespeare Theatre Company in late September.

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