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The Success Of SAFECOM


SAFECOM is a communications program of the Department of Homeland Security. Building upon successful partnerships, SAFECOM established the Executive Committee (EC) and the Emergency Response Council (ERC) ensuring that state and local stakeholders have a voice in the development of nationwide planning efforts and an opportunity to present input on user viewpoints, needs and resources.

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 The Success
 Federal Program Oversees Public Safety Communications Issues

         his column provides a compre-                         issues to federal, state, local and tribal     SAFECOM EC:
         hensive look at the makeup and                        emergency response agencies. OEC sup-               • Provides strategic leadership and
         reviews the successes of the De-                      ports SAFECOM’s development of grant           guidance to SAFECOM on emergency re-
 partment of Homeland Security SAFE-                           guidance, policy, tools, and templates,        sponder user viewpoints and needs from
 COM Program.                                                  and provides direct assistance to federal,     the perspective of practitioners and policy
      The SAFECOM Program was es-                              state, local and tribal practitioners. OIC     makers at all levels of government.
 tablished in 2001 as a Presidential E-                        supports SAFECOM’s research, develop-               • Communicates decisions, plans, and
 Government Initiative for the purpose                         ment, testing and evaluation, standards,       results to relevant constituencies, practi-
 of providing key federal coordination to                      and tools, analysis, reports and guidelines.   tioners, and subsets that are not directly
 promote and provide support to federal,                       OEC is an office within the National Pro-      engaged.
 state, local and tribal emergency com-                        tection and Programs Directorate. OIC is            • Defines and articulates the viewpoints
 munications responder agencies. SAFE-                         an office within the Science and Technol-      and needs of the emergency response com-
 COM is a practitioner-driven emergency                        ogy Directorate.                               munity to inform the development of ma-
 response communications program of                                                                           terials targeted at that community.
 the Department of Homeland Security                                                                               • Builds relationships with the ERC to
 (DHS) Office of Emergency Communi-                                                                           leverage their subject matter expertise as a
 cations (OEC) and Office for Interoper-                                                                      broader pool of resources.
 ability and Compatibility (OIC).                                                                                  The SAFECOM ERC was developed to
      By collaborating with practitioners                                                                     serve as a vehicle to provide a broad base of
 and policy-makers, SAFECOM works                                                                             state and local emergency response com-
 to improve multi-jurisdictional and                           SAFECOM Approach                               munity input on emergency responder
 inter-governmental coordination to                                 SAFECOM is a communications pro-          user viewpoints and needs to SAFECOM.
 ensure that effective and fully coordi-                       gram of the Department of Homeland             The collective input from members of the
 nated preparedness and response plan-                         Security. Building upon successful part-       ERC helps federal partners recognize bar-
 ning is established. SAFECOM also                             nerships, SAFECOM established the Exec-        riers, understand end-user requirements
 works to build partnerships among all                         utive Committee (EC) and the Emergency         and forge agreements on key initiatives.
 levels of government, linking the stra-                       Response Council (ERC) ensuring that           Serving as a “product research develop-
 tegic planning and implementation                             state and local stakeholders have a voice in   ment group” for nationwide capabilities,
 needs of the emergency response com-                          the development of nationwide planning         ERC members are often organized into
 munity with federal, state, local and                         efforts and an opportunity to present input    working groups to achieve outcomes and
 tribal governments.                                           on user viewpoints, needs and resources.       solve problems tied to research and de-
                                                               To achieve a shared vision, advance co-        velopment, grant-funding requirements,
 OEC and OIC Coordination:                                     ordination, and define long-term goals         capability assessments, and best practices
 Guidance and Tools                                            within the emergency communications            guidelines for the Nation to use in their
     SAFECOM provides research,                                community, SAFECOM recognizes that             planning and investment decisions.
 development, testing and evaluation,                          the development of sustainable solutions
 guidance, tools, and templates on in-                         requires a focus on emergency response         Collaborative Outcomes
 teroperable communications-related                            practitioner user viewpoints, needs and re-        A small sampling of the SAFECOM
                                                               quirements as well as the greater needs of     EC/ERC collective successes to lead teams
                                                               the emergency response community.              and forge partnerships, set visions, devel-
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