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You think "American Idol" singers are moving human tar- gets for Simon Cowell? Wait until you see who comes up for target practice when "AI" resumes in January - and this has nothing to do with the contestants! In what is inarguably the top TV real estate spot on the market right now - the prime time following the "AI" results show - Philly guy Jon Steinberg has pulled off a coupe that would leave Paula Abdul speechless. The co-creator of "Jericho" has scaled the wall to the very top of the game this time out: He's written the pilot and is exec producing - with Brad Kern, McG and Peter Johnson - "Human Target," based on the DC Comic classic about a guy who lends himself out as a human shield, assuming the ID of his clients. TV gurus have already ID'd this as one to watch on Fox, whose executives liked it so much that not even Cowell would complain about its pitch.

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