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vpn – An Overview
Thank you for your interest in our VPN service. This pack will provide you with the following information: 1. Executive Summary 2. Solution Overview 2.1 Service Overview 2.2 Our Methodology 2.3 Some of the key benefits of the VPN service: 3. Technology Overview 4. Service Options

Executive Summary A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows companies to exchange information securely and cost-effectively over the Internet instead of using private point-to-point connections that are often expensive and inflexible. Choosing the right VPN can make a big difference to your business because it enables better communication, helping to increase productivity and improve the profitability of your organisation. We are a leading UK provider of Managed Services for business, and are ideally placed to provide you with a comprehensive VPN service because we understand and can provide the underlying access technology

required to connect your VPN. We can work with you to design a VPN service that matches your specific
business requirements.

Furthermore, our award-winning support team is at hand to support you throughout the lifecycle of your service, and because we design all our solutions with resiliency and scalability in mind, you can be sure that you‟ll have the flexibility to upgrade your service as your business evolves.

Solution Overview As your organisation evolves and the infrastructure required to support it becomes increasingly complex, you may face the challenge of how to securely transfer documents and business data between sites, and allow geographically dispersed workers to do business as if they were on a single, secure corporate network.

Today, Virtual Private Networking (VPN) technology enables you to use a shared infrastructure, the public Internet, to exchange confidential information and undertake business critical transactions between offices, business partners, suppliers and employees, with the same levels of security and performance, but more cost effectively than in a private network. Our VPN keeps your data secure whilst making use of the resilience and flexibility of the Internet to access corporate data and applications.

Service Overview Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enable secure and cost-effective communications between organisations needing to do the following: • • •

Provide mobile employees with full access to data and applications on the corporate network Regularly share confidential information between offices, or with customers and suppliers Provide secure connections without the expense of a dedicated private network

A VPN can link two or more geographically dispersed business sites, business partners and suppliers (site to site VPN) or provide instant access to company information for employees who travel frequently or work from home (Remote Access VPN). We can deliver both types of VPN, and any combination of the two. We can also add new connections to your network as your business evolves or your

requirements change.

We build our VPN solutions around the award-winning NetScreen range of hardware appliances that contain both a VPN capability and a security firewall, guaranteeing a secure service that will safeguard your business from dangers such as virus attacks or breaches of confidentiality.

Customers‟ equipment needs are surprisingly simple. Site to site VPNs require Internet connectivity and the appropriate NetScreen device at each location. Remote Access VPNs require a hardware appliance at the customer‟s central location, together with additional software that is installed on computers or laptops to allow mobile employees and teleworkers to log on to the network.

Because our VPN solutions are based on the Internet Protocol (IP) they will, in the majority of cases, integrate easily with any company‟s existing network infrastructure, hardware and applications. On the rare occasions when problems do arise, we are able to resolve them quickly, thanks to the extensive experience and knowledge of our technical staff.

Our VPN Service is fully customised, from pre-sales consultancy and assessment, through configuration, installation and implementation, to the ongoing monitoring and support that ensure the network‟s optimal performance at all times. And because we manage each stage of the process, we are able to deliver such a consistently high-quality service throughout. This is how the process works: • Consultancy and assessment – During the assessment, carried out free of charge by a pre-sales engineer and account manager, your current infrastructure and future needs are analysed and then we recommend a VPN solution that is tailored to your requirements. • Configuration, installation and implementation – Our engineers install pre-configured, pre-tested hardware and software for distribution to all authorised users. • Monitoring and support – Skilled engineers at our Network Operations Centre monitor each network and its appliances 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If network access is part of the customer‟s solution, we monitor this on the same basis. We also provide 24 x 7 technical support with clear escalation procedures and access to some of the most experienced engineers in their field.


Change management –managing the change process is an integral part of our service. This can cover a range of activities such as adding new sites or users to a network, amending the security policies that define how the network is used, or upgrading software on the VPN appliances.

• •

Security management – our manned NOC is monitoring network on 24 x 7 x 365 basis. Bandwidth management – We configure each VPN so that the bandwidth is utilised in the most efficient way.

Some of the key benefits of the VPN service: In a traditional point-to-point leased line scenario, connecting an additional site to the network involves connecting it to every other site as well, whereas with our VPN Service, a new site can be added by connecting it via the Internet. Therefore, using the Internet as the underlying platform increases costs savings exponentially as the size of the network increases. With a traditional dialup service, each new user adds more minutes to the dialup costs, and a new modem is needed each time new users reach the service availability threshold, increasing costs still

further. In contrast, a remote VPN simply requires each new user to have a flat-rate broadband
connection to the Internet, and there are no additional usage or hardware charges. As well as delivering a cost effective solution, there are a number of reasons why an increasing number of organisations are using our VPN service: 1. Secure Our VPN service uses advanced encryption techniques to ensure secure communication between networks, and NetScreen‟s high-performance security appliances provide a dedicated firewall at each site for added security.


Easy to install and use Simply plug your pre-configured NetScreen appliance into your network and provide your remote users with easy to download software to get up and running.


High Performance at a lower cost Our VPN service enables you to achieve the same security policies and performance as in a private network environment, but at a cost saving of up to 40% compared to traditional in-house solutions


A flexible business solution tailored to your specific needs The Pre Sales Team will help to determine the type of VPN configuration that is required for your business. They will also guide you through the options available to you, such as selecting the right connectivity and combination of NetSceen appliances for your service. Furthermore, the wide variety of VPN appliances and options within our portfolio ensures that you receive a tailored and scalable service that will evolve with your growing business.


A partner to your business It is our mission to ensure that our solutions are of the highest quality, and that the service our customers receive is second to none. And we insist on the same high standard from our partner firms, who include Sun, Cisco, and Compaq. In the security arena, we are proud to be a NetScreen Premier Partner. NetScreen offers the world‟s first solution that combines firewall, VPN, and traffic management functionality on a single, dedicated hardware platform.


Technology Overview As with all of our services, the VPN solution is based upon best-of-breed established technologies. The key components of our service are as follows: Key Components:


 We can also provide connectivity of all levels; 56kbps Dial, Single & Dual bonded (64kbps/128kbps) ISDN, USB, & Ethernet Broadband (512kbps - 2Mbps) and leased lines of all sizes to meet the needs of your separate business units whatever their requirements.  The Gigabit network infrastructure is formed upon a basis of meshed Cisco and Extreme Network Layer 2 and 3 switches, providing automatic failover should any hardware problems occur.  NetScreen appliances offer robust solutions providing automatic failover from hardware failure and for active traffic management for larger solution requirements




 NetScreen offers the first truly integrated device that is purpose-built for today‟s VPN security and connectivity requirements.  NetScreen devices combine both the “best path” forwarding capabilities provided on routers with the advanced private data protection offered by firewalls to deliver a no-compromise solution for organisations.  The NetScreen IPSec VPN solution is tightly integrated with a Stateful Inspection firewall removing the need to buy additional hardware.  Security zone-based policies that allow you to segment the network to contain attacks and create policies specific to your VPN,  The ASIC is a custom-fabricated silicon chip that executes many of the processor-intensive routines in hardware for outstanding performance.


 The NetScreen ScreenOS is a fully integrated, custom operating system and security application, minimising incompatibility problems  The VPN functionality includes an ICSA certified implementation of the IPSec protocol, using both industry-standard 3DES encryption and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), creating practically unbreakable encryption.  The NetScreen Remote software provides IPSec and L2TP Certificates, automatically policy update system and NAT Transversal capabilities.  NetScreen‟s integrated Firewall/VPN solutions are managed using a single interface, simplifying configuration, deployment, and ongoing management to deliver a product that efficiently meets your network security needs and reduces your total cost of ownership.  Multiple private peering agreements are in place ensuring that we provide connectivity comparable to Tier 1 network providers.  Public peering agreements with all the major ISPs within the UK, ensuring minimised latency for anyone accessing servers within our network.



Service Options We can provide a variety of VPN solutions to suit your business needs:

Site-to-Site VPN: • • • A fully configured firewall/VPN appliance at each location (central site and remote office/s) Standard appliances offered include: NetScreen 5GT, NetScreen 25, 50, 204 and 208 Fully managed VPN service including: • • • • 24 x 7 monitoring at our state-of-the art Network Operations Centre (NOC) Specified number of policy changes per year Response and notification of major attacks (such as denial of service) and hardware failure Basic Return-To-Base or Next Business-Day Replacement for any hardware/software failure

Remote Access VPN: As for Site-to-Site VPN above features for the firewall / VPN device installed at your central site, your

remote users will also receive:
• • • Remote User profile definition and configuration IP Sec Client Software pre-configured by ourselves and distributed to you via central download (10 User License or 100 User License package) Remote user profile management (addition/removal of remote users).

VPN Service Features Number of Users Concurrent Sessions Concurrent VPN Tunnels Throughput Firewall Security Capabilities

NetScreen 5GT Up to 10 (Elite up to 25) Up to 2000 10 20Mbps (5XP) 70 Mbps (5XT)

NetScreen 25 Up to 50 Up to 4000 25 Up to 100Mbps

NetScreen 50 Up to 100 Up to 8000 100 Up to 170Mbps

NetScreen 204/208 Up to 500 Up to 128,000 1000 Up to 550Mbps …PLUS load balancing & High Availability for greater protection from hardware failure

NAT, stateful packet inspection, protection against attacks such as denial of service…

Customer requirements:

At central site/Remote offices: „Always On‟ connectivity to the Internet including broadband and/or
leased lines. Remote User Requirements: Dialup (Claranet Dial, Claranet ISDN-LAN recommended for highest quality performance); PC or laptop with Windows 95 or better Microsoft operating system. Customer support for NetScreen firewall: • Standard business hours 9:00-6:00 Customer support or 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency network support operation • • Network operation centre Advanced replacement for hardware/software failure

About Claranet
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