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what does the drug development industry have in common with every other major industry sector? when
it comes to product development, on the surface, very little! nostrapharmus explores this in more detail.
             n 2006, almost 500 products were        The Future is Here                                           participants. Companies have ideas about where
             launched every day across all other     The danger is that companies will fail to                    new discovery will come from; they need to be
             sectors — that’s a 50% increase from    take advantage of this new wave, while their                 open to new ideas and, potentially, very disruptive
             2005 and almost 100% from 2004.         competitors sail out to lands anew. So, how should           technologies. The challenge is balancing the
Yet, in that same period, the combined might         companies identify the best routes? Where should             regulatory models against a fluid involvement of
of the pharmaceutical industry, the greatest         they invest and how should they combine the work             ideas and the need for companies to move quickly
R&D force in the world, both by numbers              in all these fields to ensure that they are part of the      and exploit new opportunities.
and dollars spent, launched just 21 active           next wave? No company can hope to be at the                      Nostrapharmus sees a hazy future for which
substances. Nostrapharmus notes that what            leading edge of all new technologies, nor can they           companies need to be prepared. “Companies
makes this picture even bleaker is the fact that     expect to successfully integrate such knowledge              will need to have a structure that provides a core
R&D spend has increased annually. The industry       easily into their existing structure. In fact, history has   and stable platform around which new ideas can
spent 100% more in 2006 than in 2000, yet            shown that mergers and acquisitions have a mixed             be assimilated, understood and, when relevant,
launched half the active ingredients. So is the      success rate and rarely achieve any step change              pursued further or discarded. The cost of travelling
industry failing to innovate? Are there structural   in a company’s innovation capability. Knowing that           the wrong route is astronomically greater than
impediments that are driving down the rate
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