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 Atlas Strengthens NSCLC Treatments                                                  Bio-Rad’s Antibody Binding Affinities
 Genentech has seen a Phase III study (ATLAS) of Tarceva (erlotinib) in              Bio-Rad Laboratories is to collaborate with Integral Molecular, Inc. to offer the first
 combination with Avastin (bevacizumab) as a maintenance therapy following           system for rapidly and reproducibly characterizing the binding affinities of antibodies
 initial treatment with Avastin plus chemotherapy in advanced NSCLC (non-            to diverse integral membrane proteins, including GPCRs and ion channels. Integral
                                                                                     Molecular, a solution provider for scientific research and drug discovery applications
 small cell lung cancer) meet its primary endpoint. The study was stopped
                                                                                     involving integral membrane proteins, has developed a technology, the Lipoparticle, that
 early on the recommendation of an independent data safety monitoring board
                                                                                     enables integral membrane protein interactions to be measured using Bio-Rad’s label-
 after a preplanned interim analysis showed that combining Tarceva with
                                                                                     free, high throughput ProteOn XPR36 Protein Interaction Array System.
 Avastin significantly extended the time that patients lived without their disease       Understanding antibody binding characteristics is critical for the screening of
 advancing, as defined by PFS (progression-free survival), compared with Avastin     new drug candidates and developing reagents that achieve optimal pharmacological
 plus a placebo. A preliminary safety analysis showed adverse events were            characteristics. Current methods for measuring the binding affinity of ligands to
 consistent with previous Avastin or Tarceva studies, as well as trials evaluating   transmembrane proteins require the use of whole cells or cell membrane preparations,
 the two medicines together, and no new safety signals were observed.                which are heterogeneous and too impure to generate high quality, reproducible
    “This is the second study to show that people with lung cancer who               biosensor data. The challenges with these methods have thus far constrained the study
 took the daily Tarceva pill following initial treatment lived longer without        of ligand binding strengths to a limited number of integral membrane proteins. Integral
 their cancer getting worse. We plan to discuss these data with the FDA              Molecular’s proprietary Lipoparticle technology offers scientists working with membrane-
                                                                                     bound targets a standardized reagent with higher concentrations of membrane proteins
 to determine next steps,” said Hal Barron, MD, Genentech’s Senior VP,
                                                                                     than cell membrane preparations.
 Development and Chief Medical Officer.” Tumours use different pathways to
 grow and these results showed that combining medicines targeting two of
                                                                                      New Web for Valois
 these pathways — instead of one — delayed disease progression.” An earlier           Valois Pharma’s new web site is now on-line at At-
 study, SATURN, showed that Tarceva delayed disease progression when                  tractive and easy-to-use, this site provides both the pharmaceutical industry
 given as a single agent immediately following treatment with chemotherapy,           and the global scientific community with free access to highly- relevant
 compared with a placebo. In ATLAS, patients were initially treated with Avastin      information and tools.
 plus chemotherapy followed by the addition of Tarceva to Avastin in the                 Scientific publications to support advances in research Valois Pharma
                                                                                      has been developing and globally promoting research, new technology and
 maintenance phase.
                                                                                      knowledge about nasal and pulmonary drug delivery devices over the past
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