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  Bringing Health to Everyday Life
  At Danisco (, we offer an integrated approach to the development of new foods and dietary supplements
  through sound science, application expertise and sense of innovation. Our functional ingredients have documented benefits in the
  areas of digestive health, oral health, immune health and weight management.
     Take the Strain Out of the Straw: Inside the patented see-through straw concept from Unistraw are numerous beads that are
  exclusively coated with HOWARU Premium Probiotics. A filter at each end ensures that the beads stay in the straw and controls the
  flow of the beverage, ensuring dissolution of the beads and the optimal release of the probiotic bacteria when drunk through the
  straw. Effective, convenient and appealing — innovation has never been easier for manufacturers of long-life beverages.
     Sprinkle a Little Health with Litesse: Danisco’s Litesse Fibre Sachet can demonstrate to consumers how they can add the
  soluble powder supplement to a beverage or sprinkle it onto their next meal. It’s a convenient and easy way to increase the daily
  intake of prebiotic fibre. Virtually tasteless, the clean flavour profile of Litesse Ultra has no significant effect on the taste
  and enjoyment of most foods and beverages and, unlike many fibres, it is well tolerated at up to 90g/day.
     Visit Danisco on Stand 247 to find out more about our health and nutrition offering, and join us in the conference
  for presentations on “Nutritional Strategies for Weight Management” and “The Use of Protective Cultures as a
  Natural Means of Food Preservation.”

A Powerful New Agent for Healthy Joints                                                  Weight and Sports Nutrition Focus for BioSerae
Degenerative joint diseases that ultimately lead to osteoarthritis considerably          BIO SERAE Laboratories (Stand 154) will present their latest innovations and scientific
reduce the quality of life of many sufferers. FORTIGEL specifically stimulates           research at this year’s Vitafoods. Preliminary in vitro studies on ID-alG (brown
cartilage cells and enhances the synthesis of cartilage tissue. In this way,             seaweed extract) showed it had the ability to inhibit the digestive enzymes, amylase
FORTIGEL is a new and powerful agent for counteracting the progressive loss of           and lipase. By reducing digestive efficiency, it could be involved in the reduction
joint cartilage by actually fighting the cause rather than targeting the symptoms        of caloric intake and considered to be an efficient weight-control ingredient. The
of the problem. After simple painkillers and chondroitin/glucosamine that, at            latest in vivo study on rats (June 2008) confirmed ID-alG’s weight-management
best, only affect 25% of the cartilage, FORTIGEL could well be called “The               properties: associated with a fat-enriched meal, it showed reduced weight gain and
Third Generation of Joint Care.” Its revolutionary effect has been confirmed in          a decrease in body fat mass. By decreasing fat and carbohydrate assimilation, ID-alG
numerous international preclinical and clinical studies conducted by independent         helps to control caloric intake, thus reducing fat storage and weight gain. Cacti-Nea
and renowned research institutes, such as the Collagen Research Institute (CRI),         is a soluble cactus fruit extract that, thanks to a high concentration of the betalain,
Kiel, Harvard and Tufts                                                                  indicaxanthin, offers natural weight management support and antioxidant protection.
University. To demonstrate                                                               An in vivo rat study confirmed its diuretic properties (while preserving mineral
how easily FORTIGEL                                                                      balance) and highlighted that Cacti-Nea helps to strengthen the body’s antioxidant
can be formulated into a                                                                 defences by increasing the globular rate of glutathione peroxidase.
wide range of products                                                                      NeOpuntia, a patented dehydrated cactus leaf powder with lipophilic properties,
— from liquid or solid                                                                   has a
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