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                                                                                            SKYBUS REDUX: HERE COMES JETAMERICA,
                                            CALENDAR                                        THE NEW LOW-FARE CARRIER
                                                                                                 A new low-cost airline will begin serving mid-sized U.S. cities that it
                                                                                            thinks larger carriers have left behind. Clearwater, Fla.-based JetAmerica says
                                                                                            34 nonstop passenger flights a week will start July 13 at Toledo, OH; South
   15-17      18th Annual ACI Europe General Assembly, Congress, & Exhibition;
                                                                                            Bend, IN; Melbourne, FL; Newark; Minneapolis; and Lansing, MI. Twenty-
              Manchester, UK;
                                                                                            eight flights start or end at Newark Liberty Int’l Airport. The carrier will add
   18-21      IATA 124th Schedules Conference; Montreal, Canada;
                                                                                            six more flights -- from Toledo to Minneapolis -- starting Aug. 14. JetAmerica
   22-26      ICAO Committee on Aviation & Environmental Protection; Brazil;
                                                                                            is targeting small and midsize cities like Lansing, which has seen the number
   24         Business Aviation Regional Forum; St. Paul, MN;
                                                                                            of daily flights at its Capital Region Int’l Airport fall from 35 to 12 the past
   23-25      AirRail 2009 Conference; Hamburg, Germany;
                                                                                            five years.
   28-30      AAAE Aircraft and Airport Recovery Operations Conference & Expo;
                                                                                                 The Lansing, South Bend, Melbourne, and Toledo airports reportedly are
              Memphis, TN;
                                                                                            subsidizing JetAmerica with $1.4 million in grants in its first year, along with
   29         AAAE Human Factors and Airports Workshop; Alexandria, VA;
                                                                                            about $867,000 in waived airport fees and $1.1 million in marketing and adver-
   29-7/2     AAAE Airport Wildlife Management Techniques Course;
                                                                                            tising assistance. The airports received their grants from the U.S. DOT’s Small
              Minneapolis, MN;
                                                                                            Community Air Service Development Program. Newark and Minneapolis are
   J U LY
                                                                                            not offering assistance. Prices will start at $9 a seat and top out at $199.
   6-10   ICAO Workshop on the Development of National Performance Framework
                                                                                                 John Weikle, chief executive of JetAmerica, founded the Columbus,
          for Air Navigation Systems; Mexico City;
                                                                                            OH-based Skybus last year.
   7-9    ACI-NA/ ATA Deicing Management Conference; Cincinnati, OH;

   7-9    North American/ Europe Airport Conference; Poznan, Poland;           BABBITT CONFIRMED AS NEXT FAA ADMINISTRATOR
   15-16 ACC/FAA/TSA Summer Workshop Series; Arlington, VA;                    In May, J. Randolph “Randy” Babbitt was confirmed by the U.S. Senate
   16-17 ACI-NA Small Airports Conference; St. Louis, MO;                    as the next Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration. Babbitt has
   18-20 Southwest Chapter AAAE Annual Conference & Expo; San Diego, CA;                    been involved in aviation policymaking for several years. He began his career
                                                                      as a commercial airline pilot for Eastern Air Lines and is a former president of
   26-28 AAAE Airports Conference of the Americas; Montego Bay, Jamaica;                    the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l, and is the founder and former president
                                                                      of Eclat Consulting, which provides strategic, analytical, and financial consult-
   27-8/2 EAA AirVenture; Oshkosh, WI;                                   ing for regulatory, legislative, and business initiatives in aviation. Babbitt most
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