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QCIA’s AirTran Pilot
The airport’s service program has the potential to expand.                                                    By John F. Infanger,
                                                                                                                 editorial director,
                                                                                                               AIRPORT BUSINESS

          s airports across the U.S. look for ways to                  “AirTran is what makes our great airport exceptional,”

A         increase revenues and air service, one consider-
          ation for some is the prospect of getting into refu-
                                                                  is how Quad City’s CFO Holly Green characterized it to
                                                                  an airport finance audience in Seattle recently. She says
eling and ground handling services. Combined, an airport          AirTran brings some 100,000 passengers annually to the
can have an extra tool in its air service development tool-       Quad Cities, accounting for some $600,000 in yearly land-
box — as well as a level of service. Quad City International      ing fees, which she points out helps keep costs lower to
Airport in Moline, Ill., is already there, via its QCIA Airport   other carriers.
Services, which first took over the airline refueling business         Last fall, in the midst of $150/bbl oil and a tanking
in 2003, and today offers above and below wing services to        economy, AirTran came to the airport with “a cry for help,”
charters. On May 10, QCIA Airport Services began providing        says Green. The airport responded with an “incentive and
turnkey services for AirTran, in what director Bruce Carter,
A.A.E. terms a creative way to ensure the airline’s presence
while also exploring a new opportunity.

                                                                    Bruce Carter (inset) and his staff started up QCIA Airport
                                                                    Services in 2003 to do airline refueling. Today, the LLC has
                                                                    expanded to offer complete over/below the wing services.

                                                                  support package.” It is a two-year commitment intended
                                                                  to save AirTran some $1 million the first year. It will also
                                                                  undergo a four-month trial period, says Green — “to make
                                                                  sure we know how to run an airline as much as an airport.”
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