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									NEWS IN BRIEF

                                           ■ VT Support Services (VT), a civil resilience, emergency, defense and avia-
                                           tion operator has announced a partnership with Eton College as part of the
    Calendar of Events:                    Engineering Education Scheme in England (EESE). The initiative will see a group
    June 15-21                             of students from the college spend six months working alongside VT staff on
    International Paris Air Show           real scientific, engineering and technological problems as a way of encouraging
    Paris, France                          them to get involved in engineering. Twelve students and their teacher are cur-
    33 (0) 826 465 265                     rently working on a project investigating tire wear on airside vehicles at London’s         Heathrow Airport, which aims to not only engage the students, but possibly
                                           bring benefits to VT’s business.
    June 30-July 1
    Aviation Outlook India 2009            ■ WSI Corporation, a weather decision support provider in the aviation industry,
    Mumbai, India                          announced the latest release of Hubcast™, featuring a new lightning alert-
    +65 6322 2757                          ing capability. The Internet-based service alerts ramp employees via SMS text
                                           message or e-mail of a lightning hazard without the need to install and maintain
                                           on-site sensors. When a strike is detected in either of the user-defined caution
                                           or warning ranges, Hubcast sends an alert to the mobile phones of employees
    September 2-3
                                           indicating the range and bearing to the strike.
    FAA/ATA International
    Symposium on Human Factors in
                                           ■ The U.S. Department of Commerce has awarded AERO Specialties an Export
    Maintenance and Ramp Safety
    San Diego, California                  Achievement Certificate to recognize the company’s tremendous growth in
    304-872-5670                           exporting U.S.-manufactured products.
    org/2009hfsymposium                    ■Swissport International has been named Global Ground Handling Services
                                           Company for 2009 by UK’s Institute of Transport Management (ITM). This is
                                                               the ninth year in a row that Swissport has earned the ITM

                                                                ■ eTug LLC announced the availability of its new patent
                                                                pending “eCart”TM Battery Baggage Cart for the eTug. The
                                                                eCart enables the eTug to operate 24 hours a day without
                                                                stopping to charge the eTug. eCarts charge independently
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