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  Several Doosan Mobile Generators Now Meet EPA Standards
    Doosan Infracore Portable Power    become effective for this horse-          tion with EPA Tier III certifica-
  has upgraded several models in       power category. These new models,         tion since 2007. These models,
  its mobile generator portfolio to    rated at 25 kVA and 35 kVA respec-        rated at 144 kVA, 183 kVA, 239
  meet the Environmental Protection    tively, replace EPA Tier II versions      kVA and 290 kVA respectively,
  Agency’s current standards for       with the same model designation.          will continue until 2011, at which
  mobile, off-highway, diesel-pow-         The G70 and G90, rated at 72          time Tier IV interim standards for
  ered equipment. The portfolio        kVA and 94 kVA respectively, are          this horsepower category become
  now includes a total of 10 models    powered by John Deere engines             effective.
  ranging from 25 kVA to 570 kVA,      that are certified to EPA Tier III           At the top of the range are
  all of which comply with current     requirements in effect until 2012         the G450 and G570, powered by
  EPA emissions regulations in North   when Tier IV interim standards            Cummins and rated at 456 kVA
  America. All models are assembled    become effective. These new               and 570 kVA respectively, have
  at the Doosan Infracore Portable     models replace the G60 and G80            been in production since 2007
  Power factory in Statesville, NC.    and feature as much as 24% high-          with EPA Tier II certification, the
      The G25 and G40 are powered      
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