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									BA CK HOE-L O A DE R S

   Tailor Backhoes
   to the Task
   Options allow a backhoe-loader to be spec’d for unique needs
   B y Cur t Bennink , con tribu t ing edi t or, and Lisa Cl eaver, managing edi t or

            long list of options and features allow a                              One specification that relates to application would
            backhoe-loader to be spec’d to closely match                       be backhoe dig depth. “Often this spec is used more
            your customer’s needs. “The most important                         for determining reach rather than depth, but this will
            thing a rental business can do when adding                         determine which size class to shoot for,” says Bob
   a backhoe-loader to its fleet is fully understand the                       Tyler, product marketing manager, backhoes, John
   application need,” says James Blower, senior product                        Deere Construction & Forestry Division. “For exam-
   manager, JCB. “The type of application will deter-                          ple, if the application is to dig a 4-foot trench all day,
   mine the spec of the machine.”                                              then the rental customer may want to start with the

       Backhoe dig depth is an important spec to consider when tailoring a machine to your customer’s specific needs.

   May /June 2009 RPN www.rentalproductnews.com

   14-foot size class such as the Deere 310J, rather than        ety of tasks that can be performed with a tool carrier.
   the 15-foot 410J. If the application involves, say, plac-     However, if the customer is content with just digging
   ing stones for embankments, then the longer reach             with the backhoe all day, then the extra cost of a tool
   may be a consideration for some customers.”                   carrier may not be justified.”
        Another specification relating to application would          But the versatility of even a standard loader design
   be lift capacity. “Will the contractor be picking up          can be enhanced with a self-leveling loader control
   manholes, or placing Jersey barriers with the back-           valve. “The hydraulic self-leveling loader control valve
   hoe?” asks Tyler. “Will the loader be used extensively        improves pallet fork work, and is easily shut off for nor-
   for material handling? If so, higher lift specs may be        mal operation,” says Keith Rohrbacker, product man-
   an advantage. In many rental situations, the customer         ager, construction equipment, Kubota Tractor Corp.
   may already have heavier lifting equipment, so again,             In some applications, a loader and attachment
   the [14-foot size class] may be the right solution.”          capabilities are all that’s required. “Case offers a
        Generally, a backhoe-loader is picked for its versa-     dedicated loader/tool carrier, which is built on the
   tility. “Their advantage over other types of equipment,       same platform as its loader-backhoes,” says Szulc.
   like tracked excavators and skid steers, is mobility,” says   “The Case 570M XT is a cost-effective choice for
   Bargellini Marcello, Volvo Construction Equipment.            operations requiring a durable loader with attach-
   “They can 
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