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									         2009 Be A Winner, Be A Member

L    isted below are NHRA members who have won bracket
     races at NHRA’s 140 member tracks for the period
beginning May 24. Each month, National DRAGSTER will
                                                                                                                      A Member link at the bottom of the page. (Mailed and faxed
                                                                                                                         entries will also be accepted when submitted with entry
                                                                                                                          form, proof of NHRA membership, and proof of victory.
randomly draw names from the list of the current month’s                                                                 Conditions apply.) It is the racer’s responsibility to ensure
Roll Call of Winners and award prizes through the Be A                                                                 his or her entry meets all entry requirements. Entries that
Winner, Be A Member program. A list of prizes is at right. The Roll Call                                          do not meet all requirements will not be honored. Entry
of Winners will appear in National DRAGSTER throughout the program, which                        requirements and other information are on NHRA.com and at (626) 250-2331.
runs through October. Also listed is the current tally of member wins per track.                    Mail entries to National DRAGSTER, c/o Be A Winner, Be A Member, P.O.
    The quickest and easiest way to enter is to use our online entry form at                     Box 5555, Glendora, CA 91740 or fax them to (626) 335-4307. E-mail
www.nhra.com/beawinner or go to NHRA.com and click on the Be A Winner, Be                        submissions are not accepted.

                                                                    Roll Call of Winners                                                                               Effective June 11
Division 1                                              Danny Bastianelli              U.S. 13                     June 7     Thurston Munn II       Thunder Valley            May 30
Mike Tremblay               Atco             May 24     Danny Bastianelli              U.S. 13                     June 7     Stacy Johnson          Thunder Valley            May 30
Jeff Palmer             Cecil County         May 24                                                                           Jesse Mantooth         Thunder Valley            May 30
David Ashby                 ESTA             May 24     Division 2                                                            Byron Jordan             Twin City               May 30
Mike LaRose                 ESTA             May 24     Stan Sinack                    Atlanta                     May 30     Ron Porky Boudreaux     No Problem               May 31
Todd Minerd                 ESTA             May 24     Derek Putnam                 Gainesville                   May 30     Peter Pollet            No Problem               May 31
Chris Piston                ESTA             May 24     Johnny Holley                  Mobile                      June 6     Jason Courtney         Thunder Valley            May 31
Steve Searles               ESTA             May 24     Tracy Crutcher               Music City                    June 6     Dave Jung               No Problem               June 7
Ron Smith                   ESTA             May 24     Jennifer Lynn Bir           South Georgia                  June 7
Kevin Wuest                 ESTA             May 24                                                                           Division 5
Anthony Zangari             ESTA             May 24     Division 3                                                            Sean Billet                  Oahe                May 24
Chris Crawford          Mason-Dixon          May 24     Tony Lyons                  Coles County                   May 24     Clark A. Doukas        Rolling Thunder           May 24
Doug Gould               Old Bridge          May 24     Chad Beery                  Coles County                   May 24     Ron Gering             Rolling Thunder           May 24
Joe Hoyle                Old Bridge          May 24     Richard Briscoe             Coles County                   May 24     Kelly Mcclung              Tri-State             May 24
John Martin              Old Bridge          May 24     Andy Romine                 Coles County                   May 24     Mike Lund                  Tri-State             May 24
Robert Bizzaro           Old Bridge          May 24     Tony Lyons                  Coles County                   May 24     Kurt Mullen                Tri-State             May 24
John Stragauskas         Old Bridge          May 24     John Lawson                 National Trail                 May 24     Rick Meier                   Oahe                May 25
Wayne Skelly            Quarter Aces         May 24     Allyn Neff                    Tri-State                    May 24     Stan Monson                  Oahe                May 25
Earl Smith              Quarter Aces         May 24     Buddy Jeffrey               Pacemakers                     May 25     Dennis Marenger          Bandimere               May 30
James E. Williams Jr.     U.S. 13            May 24     Robert J. Hendrickson Jr.    Bunker Hill                   May 30     Joe Marx                 Cedar Falls             May 30
Crystal Hudson            U.S. 13            May 24     Jeffrey L. Yates             Bunker Hill                   May 30     Jason Seeley               Cordova               May 30
Dale Hamilton           Mason-Dixon          May 25     Art Reed                     Bunker Hill                   May 30     Steve Marquis              Cordova               May 30
Steven Greenplate       Quarter Aces         May 25     Shawn Morgan                 Bunker Hill                   May 30     Steve Stockton          Grove Creek              May 30
William Wilkinson II    Quarter Aces         May 25     Justin Long                 Coles County                   May 30     Steve Stockton          Grove Creek              May 30
Robert A. Roberts Jr.   Quarter Aces         May 25     Justin Long                 Coles County                   May 30     Tim Lewandowski         Grove Creek              May 30
Ken Robinson                Atco             May 30     Joe Kortte                  Coles County                   May 30     Phil Watkins                Kansas               May 30
Bryan Balducci              Atco             May 30     Kassie Edwards              Coles County                   May 30     John Morgan           Western Colorado           May 30
Andrew Bracuto              Atco             May 30     Bill Hamstra                 Crossroads                    May 30     Andy Schmall             Cedar Falls             May 31
Carlos S. De Jesus        Capitol            May 30     Randy Norris                Great Lakes                    May 30     Leroy Dunn                 Douglas               May 31
Bill Hakucsa               Island            May 30     Rusty Thompson                Kil-Kare                     May 30     Hal Carter              Grove Creek              May 31
David Sciarretta        Maple Grove          May 30     Bruce Sauer                 National Trail                 May 30     Chuck Giese             Grove Creek              May 31
Rick Mazzola             Old Bridge          May 30     Terry McGee                 National Trail                 May 30     John Blomberg             Interstate             May 31
Greg Parsons             Old Bridge          May 30     Brian Toombs                National Trail                 May 30     Richard Nowlin        Western Colorado           May 31
Doug Gould               Old Bridge          May 30     Ralph E. Bower              Pacemakers                     May 30     Ed Miller             Western Colorado           May 31
Rick Mattioli            Old Bridge          May 30     Brian Bell                  Pacemakers                     May 30     Charles Hamma            Cedar Falls             June 1
TJ Kasper                Old Bridge          May 30     Larry Key                   Beech Bend                     May 31     Jack Cussins             Bandimere               June 5
Rob Farley               Old Bridge          May 30     Tracy Crutcher              Beech Bend                     May 31     Michael James               Kansas               June 6
Mike Beck                Old Bridge          May 30     Randy Norris                Great Lakes                    May 31     Kyle Kunze             Rolling Thunder           June 6
Loan Nguyen                 Atco             May 31     Adam Woodmancy                Midstate                     May 31     Darrel Goheen                SRCA                June 6
Jim Fordyce             Cecil County         May 31     Raymond Block               National Trail                 May 31     Darrel Goheen                SRCA                June 6
David Ashby                 ESTA             May 31     Terry McGee                 National Trail                 May 31     Ryan Scheleck              Brainerd              June 7
Darin Buchanan              ESTA             May 31     Ron Baisden                 National Trail                 May 31
Ron Smith                   ESTA             May 31     Ron Baisden Jr.             National Trail                 May 31     Division 6
Anthony Zangari             ESTA             May 31     Melissa Burns                Bunker Hill                   June 6     Richard Garrett           Bonanza                May 24
Pat Barbone              Old Bridge          May 31     Daniel R. Dishon             Bunker Hill                   June 6     Brent Buckenham          M.H.D.R.A.              May 24
Ken George               Old Bridge          May 31     Arthur Reed Jr.              Bunker Hill                   June 6     Randy Hastings           M.H.D.R.A.              May 24
Rick Mattioli            Old Bridge          May 31     Donald Anthony Roy            Chandler                     June 6     Gary Wargnier            Woodburn                May 24
Steve Sperone            Old Bridge          May 31     Troy Schmitt                  Chandler                     June 6     Robert Bundy             Woodburn                May 24
Lance Kreiger           Quarter Aces         May 31     Todd Stillwell              Coles County                   June 6     John Floyd               Woodburn                May 24
Wayne Skelly            Quarter Aces         May 31     Terry Willard               Coles County                   June 6     Gordon Cady Jr.          Woodburn                May 24
John Brock Moshier          Atco             June 6     Chad Isley                  Coles County                   June 6     Marty Arrigotti          Woodburn                May 24
John Briese Jr.             Atco             June 6     Bob Burnett                 Coles County                   June 6     Sadie Floyd              Woodburn                May 24
Brock Moshier               Atco             June 6     Katie Beason                Coles County                   June 6     Pat Figini               Woodburn                May 24
Larry Waters                Atco             June 6     Bill Hamstra                 Crossroads                    June 6     Steve Kelly              Woodburn                May 24
Frank Duplissis Jr.        Island            June 6     Joe Lee                      Edgewater                     June 6     Mark Adams                Portland               May 27
Rick Constable             Island            June 6     Brian Cireddu                 Kil-Kare                     June 6     Phillip Lang              Portland               May 27
Ronnie Horwath Jr.      Mason-Dixon          June 6     Richard Staats              National Trail                 June 7     Greg Kielman              Portland               May 27
Nicole Talbert          Mason-Dixon          June 6     Bruce Sauer                 National Trail                 June 7     Tim Ellis                 Portland               May 27
Rob Farley               Old Bridge          June 6     Brett Spring                National Trail                 June 7     Dick Clark                Portland               May 27
Rick Mazzola             Old Bridge          June 6     Wayne Adams                   Tri-State                    June 7     Casey Reed               Renegade                May 29
Tom Nieradka             Old Bridge          June 6                                                                           Rob Kennard              Renegade                May 29
Earl Nichols Jr.            Atco             June 7     Division 4                                                            Rick Jarnecke            Renegade                May 30
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