Shipp overcomes early national event exit to win by ProQuest


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									                                                                                                                                                                                                      Super Street

                                                                 Shipp overcomes early national event exit to win
                                                                                                                                                                                                         by Candida Benson

          fter losing in the                                                                                                              (Left) Ricky Shipp celebrated with friends and family after he defeated

A         opening round of
          the United
Association Route 66
NHRA Nationals on
                                                                                                                                          Division 2 champion Mike De Sio to claim top honors in the Jegs Allstars
                                                                                                                                          event. In the final (above), Shipp, far lane, led wire to wire, pairing a .020 light
                                                                                                                                          with a 10.91 to win.

Friday, Ricky Shipp                                                                                                                was just                       In the final, Shipp got off the starting line
redeemed himself in a                                                                                                              hoping to go a              first, .020 to .027, and never trailed, crossing the
big way on Saturday                                                                                                                couple of                   finish line first with a 10.91. De Sio was just .010-
when he beat an all-star                                                                                                           rounds in it                second behind with a 10.92.
field of competitors to                                                                                                            because you’re                 “I was real excited to see my win light come on,”
win the Jegs Allstars                                                                                                              racing the                  said Shipp. “I think winning this is more exciting
title and help his                                                                                                                 best guys.”                 than the championship. It’s just a special race.
Division 3 team claim                                                                                                                 Shipp’s win              You’re racing the best guys in the country, so it
the overall championship in the process.                                                    in the special event was anything but easy with all                feels good to win it. It also felt real good to share
    “It was pretty disappointing losing first round                                         three rounds of competition decided by .017-second                 some of the money with the other guys that made
[in the national event], so there was some                                                  or less. The reigning Division 3 champion opened                   the Division 3 team. I know how hard they worked
motivation there. It was definitely a nice                                                  eliminations with a 10.91 to 10.93 win over Division               to get there, too, so it felt real good.
recouping Saturday, of course,” said Shipp, who                                             7’s Dwight Downing, a two-time finalist at the All-                   “I want to thank my wife, Laura; my daughters,
began bracket racing at the age of 16 and has                                               stars event. He then faced his tightest race of the                Kinsey and Lena; and my dad, Rick. I also want to
raced in Super Street for three years. “My goal                                             competition in round two when he defeated Division                 thank Jegs. That’s the first time I’ve been there,
was to win [the Jegs Allstars], but realistically, I                                        6’s Tom Manfred by .005-second, 10.93 to 10.94.                    and it was just an amazing event. You can tell that
                                                                                               “That was really close,” said Shipp. “I got to the              Sportsman racers mean a lot to them.” ND
                                                                                            end of the track, and I was just a little bit ahead of
                                                                                            him, so I got on the brakes and got it down to five-
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