Kinard returns from disappointment to score big win by ProQuest


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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Super Comp

                                                                      Kinard returns from disappointment to score big win
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   by Duke Ritenhouse

                                                                                                                           (Above) Division 7’s Aaron Kinard, near lane, took advantage of a .026 to .095 starting-line
                                                                                                                           edge to beat Division 4’s Travis Prudhomme in the final, 8.99 to 8.92. The final margin of
                                                                                                                           victory was four-thousandths of a second. (Below) Following the final, Kinard wheeled his
                                                                                                                           PB Blaster entry into the winner’s circle to celebrate his first Jegs Allstars win.

        alifornia-based Aaron Kinard was certainly                                                a quicker 8.92. “I guess I had a decent

C       disappointed to have traveled all the way to
        Illinois only to lose in the first round of
Super Comp the Friday of the United Association
Route 66 NHRA Nationals, but he had two positives
                                                                                                  weekend in Chicago, considering [Larson] went
                                                                                                  on to win the regular race. Typically, that’s
                                                                                                  what you want: for the person who beats you
                                                                                                  to go on to win it.”
working for him.                                                                                      Kinard opened the Allstars competition by
   First, Kari Larson, who won their first-round                                                  qualifying No. 2 with an 8.907, trailing only
race, kept up her winning ways throughout                                                         Division 5 rep Terry Edwards’ 8.904. That
eliminations and eventually earned the event title,                                               put him into a tricky first-round match
giving Kinard the satisfaction of at least losing to a                                            against Division 3’s Ron Finney and his ’32
driver on a hot streak. Second, he still had the Jegs                                             Bantam, a non-dragster entry that was
Allstars competition coming up, in which he was                                                   finishing anywhere from 30 to 40 mph slower than                    him because he was having problems in the staging
representing Division 7 against seven of the best                                                 the rest of the dragster-dominated field. Kinard was                lanes. I pretty much just thought, ‘Don’t go red,’
Super-class hitters from around the country. And                                                  up to the challenge, though, coming out a bit better                because I wasn’t sure what was going to go on after
Kinard went on to do more than just represent the                                                 at both ends of the track and advancing with an                     we left,” said Kinard, who is also backed by K&N
division, winning three rounds to emerge as the                                                   8.916 to 8.917 win.                                                 Filters, Sparco, and Lucas Oil Products. “His car
event’s Super Comp champion.                                                                          “On paper, the one guy I probably didn’t want to                kind of stumbled, and I think that distracted him,
   “After Topeka [a fifth-round finish], I felt like I was                                        race was Finney; [former Super Comp national                        and he missed the Tree a little bit. We have pretty
driving really good. Honestly, I felt like I kind of gave                                         champion] Shawn Langdon was telling me before I                     similar mile-per-hour cars, so the race was
that one back on driver error, so I knew if I could just                                          even got there, ‘Watch out for that guy; it’s an altered,           happening right beside me the whole way, and I just
minimize my mistakes in Chicago, things would fall                                                and he runs real low mile per hour,’ ” Kinard said.                 kind of tightened it up at the finish line and got the
into place,” said Kinard, who claimed the Allstars title                                          “It’s just not a typical race for us. We race dragsters             win. I actually took it tighter than I wanted to; if I
by the narrowest of margins, edging Division 4’s                                                  all day long, and you know where you’re supposed to                 would have given that one back, I probably would
Travis Prudhomme by .004-second i
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