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     1. Owens Corning Pink Fiberglas Insulation products increase building energy effi-
     ciency, saving money for homeowners and helping them reduce their carbon footprint.
     Owens Corning recently increased the certified recycled content of Pink insulation to
     contain at least 40 percent recycled content. Insulation is one of the most cost-effective
     ways to reduce greenhouse gases globally, according to a McKinsey Institute study.
     Owens Corning. Circle 15

     2.    Consisting of a two-component foam insulation, CertainTeed CertaSpray open-cell polyurethane spray foam
     insulation is sprayed into a building cavity and quickly expands to fill every opening that can potentially leak air.
     CertaSpray minimizes hot and cold spots, impedes the penetration of moisture and outdoor allergens and is appro-
     priate for whole-house applications.
     CertainTeed Corp. Circle 16

     3. Icynene Inc. introduces LD-R-50, a renewable-based insulation and air barrier material that reduces the need
     for petroleum-based polyols. It is made using castor oil and exceeds United States Department of Agriculture
     (USDA) BioPreferred and International Code Council (ICC) requirements for a rapidly renewable product. The
     insulation is 100 percent water-blown, free from HFCs and PBDEs, and insulates and air-seals in one step.
     Icynene Inc. Circle 17                                                                                   
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