Insurance lawsuit settled by ProQuest


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									                                                                               Introducing SilvaKollagen®
Insurance lawsuit settled
Missouri—Three insurance
                                          While 2% of Medicare
                                       beneficiaries live in the area, it
                                                                                    “Smart Silver™”
companies will pay $15 million         accounted for 17% of Medi-
to settle a class-action lawsuit       care’s total spending on inhala-
over the sale of long-term care        tion drugs in 2007 because
policies across the state.             of potential fraud, the report
   American Heritage Life              found. Medicare that year spent
insurance Co. and Mutual of            $143 million on drug claims
omaha insurance will pay a             to treat respiratory ailments in
total $11 million, while Wakely        Miami-dade County. That is
and Associates will pay $4 mil-        20 times more than the amount
lion in cash. The three have           spent in the Chicago area, which
denied wrongdoing.                     has twice as many beneficiaries.
   The settlement covers 1,669            Two-thirds of all Medicare
people who bought policies.            beneficiaries in south Florida
Two Macon residents, who filed         who have submitted claims for
a lawsuit in 2002, claimed that        inhalation drugs did not have an
the companies sold policies with       office visit with the prescribing
low initial premiums but didn’t        physicians in the previous three            Silver and Collagen -
disclose that they planned to          years, the report found.
add heavy increases later.                                                           Finally Together!
   under the settlement, policy-       NortheaSt
holders either can continue with       Bill focuses on home care
their policies or receive long-term    MAine—A new bill would
                                                                               • Controlled release, antimicrobial
benefits for the rest of their lives   revamp the state’s long-term care         silver collagen
equal to the total amount of pre-      system to allow more people to          • Used as a primary dressing
miums they already have paid.          receive home-based care.
                                                                               • Absorbs 8 to 10 times its weight in fluid
                                          The state currently spends
SoutheaSt                              90% of its long-term care fund-         • Supports wound healing at the cellular level
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