Will Pro-Israel Groups Lament an Ahmadinejad Departure? by ProQuest


"Cynics would say: Maybe we're better with Ahmadinejad, rather than someone who is a master of P.R. who still believes Israel should be wiped from the map," said Abraham Foxman, national director of the AntiDefamation League. Nonetheless, Foxman said, he'd rather see Ahmadinejad and his poisonous rhetoric gone. "Anyone would be better than Ahmadinejad," he added."All the candidates are selected and approved by the Mullah-run Guardian Council, which approves a few and spikes hundreds, so it's more like an 'election' in the old USSR than anything else," said Josh Block of AIPAC. "As the spokesman for Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told Reuters, it doesn't matter who wins the elections when it comes to Iran's pursuit of nuclear-weapons capability and its ties to the U.S."[Mehdi Kalhor] noted that it was during the presidency of the previous so-called "moderate," Mohammed Khatami, that Iran removed UN. inspectors' seals at a nuclear plant and resumed uranium enrichment. He also categorically rejected "freeze for freeze," a deal under consideration by the Obama administration under which the West would freeze sanctions for six weeks while Iran freezes enrichment at current levels.

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									Will Pro-Israel Groups Lament an Ahmadinejad Departure?
Ron Kampeas
Jewish Exponent; Jun 11, 2009; 226, 11; Docstoc
pg. 14

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