His Attachment to 'Mo' Continues to This Day, and on This Anniversary by ProQuest


The 82-year-old said that he hasn't seen the "old girl" in 12 years, due to her limited mobility (to say nothing of his). She mostly hangs out in Hawaii, and it's hard to get around when you're five feet longer than the Titanic, 332 feet taller than the Washington Monument, weigh 45,000 tons, and come equipped with 13.5-inch steel plating and 67-foot weaponry."Mo," of course, refers to "The Mighty Mo," or, more formally, the USS Missouri. June 11 marks the 65th anniversary of the battleship's commission its official entrance into the U.S. Navy. During its World War II service, it was the largest ship in the fleet.[Schmuckler] was born and raised in Roxborough to Russian and Hungarian immigrant parents. When the war broke out shortly before his 14th birthday, he did the math (basing it on how long World War I lasted) and figured that the conflict would be over by the time he reached enlistment age. When it wasn't, he chose the Navy over the Army because, as he said, "I didn't want to walk around the world."

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									His Attachment to 'Mo' Continues to This Day, and on This Anniversary
Aaron Passman
Jewish Exponent; Jun 11, 2009; 226, 11; Docstoc
pg. 7

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