Tracking Down the Secret Jews of the Southwest by ProQuest


As the rabbi took the Torah around the sanctuary to be kissed, the congregation sang Etz chayim chai, l'amachazikim bah ("A tree of life to all those who hold fast to it ... "). [Blanca Carrasco] teared up at the last verse: Hashiveinu hashem elecha ? 'nashuva - "Return us to you. God, and we shall return."Margarita Luna remembered that her grandmother always lit candles on Friday night before saying the Rosary But her mother didn't want to talk about it - perhaps that was because, during the Mexican wars in the 1920s, they had to hide in a well for a few days. "Always in my heart, I feel that I love the Jewish traditions," she said, fingering her mezuzah necklace. "And always I say I am Jewish and need to go back to my roots.""We should put our energy into the Jewish people, rather than to try and bring Anusim back," said [Yisrael Greenberg]. "If the Anusim have a desire to understand Judaism, then let's teach them about their ancestors and let them have an understanding," he added, implying that the best thing to do would be to leave it at that.

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