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									Jegs Allstars Tipster — 12th annual United Association Route 66 NHRA Nationals, June 4-7, Chicago

Tricky Tipster
   Top Alcohol Dragster                          Top Alcohol Funny Car                                            Comp                                       Super Stock
Bill Reichert    Rislone Engine Treatment      Frank Manzo               Lucas Oil Chevy         Dan Fletcher              C/EA ’07 Cobalt         Anthony Bertozzi SS/BS ’98 Grand Am
Three-time defending national champ            Sixteen appearances, six wins, one                Reigning season champ started 2009 on fire,       Doubled here last year, and wouldn’t be
scored his only Allstars win in 1999 3-1       double. Enough said.           2-1                and is always a threat to go the distance 2-1     a shock if he did it again          4-1

Chris Demke     Peen-Rite Abrasive Finishing   Doug Gordon          MB Cabinets Chevy            Glen Treadwell                          G/ED      Michael Iacono       GT/DA ’92 Camaro
Prior to Topeka, had been to four finals in                                                      Three-time Indy winner and points leader          Former national champion wants to
                                               The family team of father-son Allstars
five races but had lost all four       5-1                                                       has only one win this year           3-1          avenge last year’s runner-up finish 5-1
                                               champs outran Manzo in 2008 final  3-1
Marty Thacker       Rapid Transit Racing                                                         Sal Biondo                I/AA ’93 Beretta        Gary Stinnett        GT/AA ’92 Camaro
Two wins in four final-round appearances       Steve Harker                I40 Inc. Chevy        Former world champ is a two-time and              Has one of the most impressive résumés
in last six years at this event      6-1       Leads a crop of four drivers who are              defending Allstars champ         4-1              in all of Sportsman racing         6-1
                                               looking for their first Allstars win 4-1
John Finke               Bobcat Express                                                          Craig Bourgeois                         A/ND      Ricky Decker         GT/EA ’94 Camaro
Two finals in six races this year, including   Roger Bateman Doc’s Holiday Ford                  Perennial national championship threat            Division 3 ace didn’t get to be the current
a runner-up in his last start            8-1   Canadian team lives for the opportunity to        always a tought out                5-1            national champ by accident              7-1
                                               show they are the best of the best    5-1
Bill Evans             Evans Petroleum                                                           Doug Lambeck          D/SMA ’06 Pontiac           Slate Cummings SS/BS ’08 Cavalier
Two finals and just one first-round loss                                                         Two-time Indy Super Stock champ finished          Division 4 rep has a lot of experience in
in six races entering this event     9-1
                                               Bobby Martin Lane Automotive/CAP Dodge                                                              the late rounds of big-money races 9-1
                                               First appearance in prestigious event is          fourth in the world last year        6-1

Joey Severance Severance Racing                another career milestone for him 7-1                                                                Greg Luneack            SS/KA ’67 Nova
                                                                                                 Jason Coan              G/EA ’32 Bantam
Started season slowly, but has won rounds                                                        Strong Division 3 runner has home-field           Has the slowest car in the field, but also
in each of his last two races        12-1      Mark Billington     Thunder Alley Ent. Dodge      advantage, quick roadster           8-1           one of the most consistent             9-1
                                               Qualifying for this while going toe to toe with
Michael Manners Aquygen/Cosmo                  Jay Payne is quite an accomplishment 12-1         Scott Benham             E/SM ’05 Sunfire         Norm Lapointe         GT/BA ’07 Cobalt
A/Fueler can fly and should benefit from                                                         Second-generation Division 4 runner is            Might not have the reputation like some
national event-prepped track        13-1                                                         one of the best Super Mod pilots  9-1             of the others, but is very capable 11-1

Ed Schmeeckle                 LSS Racing                                                         Bruno 
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