Organic Valley sales top $528 million by ProQuest


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   Organic Valley sales top $528 million                                                   A copy of the advertorial can be
       Organic Valley, the nation’s largest cooperative of organic family farmers        downloaded from the NCBA website at:
   and one of the nation’s leading organic brands, had record sales of $528 million
   in 2008, a 22-percent increase over 2007. This follows a 29-percent rise in sales
   from 2006 to 2007. The co-op’s sales have grown nearly 153 percent in the past        USDA accepting applications
                                                 five years.                             for co-op development grants
                                                   The cooperative, with 1,332              USDA is accepting applications for
                                                 farmer-members in 32 states and         grants to fund cooperative development
                                                 one Canadian province, expects          centers that work to improve economic
                                                 2009 sales to reach $549 million, a     conditions in rural areas. Applications
                                                 4-percent increase.                     are due by the close of business on June
                                                   “In light of the difficult economic   29, 2009.
                                                 environment and a softening in             “These cooperative development
                                                 consumer spending, our farmers          centers provide rural Americans with
                                                 are very happy to once again            stronger technical and managerial skills,
                                                 experience double-digit sales           helping small businesses become more
                                                 growth in 2008 and to forecast          profitable and creating jobs in rural
                                                 continued growth for 2009,” says        communities,” says Agriculture
                                                 George Siemon, one of the founding      Secretary Tom Vilsack. Grants of up to
                                                 farmers and CEO of Organic Valley.      $200,000 may be awarded to colleges,
                                                 “Economic crises are not new to         universities and nonprofit groups to
                                                 family farmers. Our mission to save     create and operate centers that help
                                                 family farms and strengthen rural       individuals or groups establish, expand
                                                 communities was born in the 1980s,      or operate rural businesses, especially
                                                 when farmers faced yet another          cooperatives.
                                                 economic crisis. We learned then           The grants are being provided
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