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    EB7 now in your hands
    Public sector nurses and midwives are being                                      the ball rolling. If this EB7 agreement is
    asked to vote on a 12.5% wage rise and other                                     approved, it will mean that by April 2011
    conditions on offer in Queensland Health’s                                       Queensland Health nurses and midwives will
    proposed EB7 agreement.                                                          have received a 35.5% pay increase in less
    This offer is the culmination of months of                                       than six years.
    negotiations and years of policy development                                     In this current economic climate that’s a
    by members and branches at QNU Annual                                            considerable outcome, particularly in light
    Conference.                                                                      of Tasmania’s recent freeze on public sector
    These negotiations took place amid a                                             wage rises, including those for nurses and
    deteriorating economic environment with                                          midwives.
    a deficit budget to be handed down in mid                                        But a wage rise isn’t the only thing we’ve
    June.                                                                            achieved in the proposed EB7 agreement.
    Now, with support from QNU members                       Gay Hawksworth          For EB6 and again for EB7 the QNU and
    at Report Back Meetings in May for the                    QNU Secretary          Queensland Health agreed that a partnership
    formal offer to proceed to ballot, it’s up to all                                approach was the best way to address
    Queensland Health nurses and midwives to                                         nursing, midwifery and health issues, and
    determine whether the proposed agreement                                         an Interest Based Bargaining (IBB) approach
    is in the best interests of the majority.                                        was the best way to progress negotiations.
    Members have been informed every step                                            Subsequently, the QNU and Queensland
    of the way in the development of this offer,                                     Health agreed under EB7 that work should
    through regular newsletters, journal and                                         continue through a peak body to advance
    website articles and member meetings,                                            the interests and issues of the public sector
    we’ve communicated the key issues since the                                      nursing and midwifery workforce.
    QNU and Queensland Health first started                                          While the body has changed names from
    negotiations in October 2008.                                                    the Nurses’ Interest Based B
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