; Monsanto sues over Germany's GM ban
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Monsanto sues over Germany's GM ban


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									  response, India’s government increased                                              370           inform June 2009, Vol. 20 (6)
  the minimum support price it provides
  its cotton farmers by 35 to 45%. India’s
  production gains are projected to
                                              into collaborators before publishing the              “We don’t really understand where this
  come from both increased areas and
                                              results. Several labs working in the ABA-        decision is coming from,” Kari Matalone, a
  improved yields. The upward trend in        signaling field tested the ABA receptor that     spokeswoman for Monsanto, added, point-
  yield is projected to continue as more      Cutler’s group identified and validated their    ing out that the corn “had been approved for
  Bt cotton varieties are approved for        results.                                         cultivation in Europe more than a decade
  cultivation, as varieties are adapted to         “Several high-profile papers have tried     ago and that no ill effects had been detected
  a wider range of cotton growing areas,      to claim discovery of ABA receptors but          since then.”
  and as utilization rates increase.          their research could not stand the test of            A joint statement by the German
                     nnn                      time, and these papers were ultimately with-     Science Organisations also expressed con-
  The American Soybean Association            drawn,” said Natasha Raikhel, the director       cerns over the ban:
  (ASA) announced in April that Liberty-      of UCR’s Center for Plant Cell Biology, of            “The ban poses the danger that
  Link® soybeans (A2704-12) from Bayer        which Cutler is a member. “I believe this        unfounded fear could take the place of
  CropScience received food safety            time . . . Cutler and his team have isolated     rational scientific information. The minis-
  approval from the Korean Food and           a true ABA receptor.”                            ter’s comment that the ban is an isolated
  Drug Administration (KFDA). This final           Study results appearedin Science            decision on a particular case cannot com-
  regulatory approval in South Korea          (324:1068–1071, 2009).                           pensate for the negative impact it will have
  clears the way for unrestricted planting                                                     on Germany’s status as a research-friendly
  in the United States and importation
  into all major markets for LibertyLink
                                              Monsanto sues                                    country and the fact that it is diametrically
                                                                                               opposed to future-minded advancement.
  soybeans, along with Roundup Ready
  2 Yield™ soybeans (MON 89788)
                                              over Germany’s                                        “For all these reasons, we are fully
                                                                                               opposed to any general ban on genetically
  from Monsanto, which received final         GM ban                                           engineered products. We urge politicians to
                                                                                               lead a more logical discussion of the topic
  KFDA regulatory approval on Febru-                                                           and to create reliable framework condi-
                                              Monsanto Co. (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
  ary 27, 2009.                               has lodged a lawsuit in protest of Ger-          tions for research into and scientific con-
                     nnn                                                                       sultation on the future uses of green genetic
                                              many’s decision to ban a variety of the
  Bayer CropScience AG (Monheim,              company’s GM maize, Thomson Reuters              engineering.”
  Germany) announced in April that            reported. Cultivation and sale of MON 810             Monsanto’s initial attempt to suspend
  it intends to consolidate its Euro-         maize was banned in the country in April.  
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