Amyris renewable diesel registered by US EPA by ProQuest


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									                                                                                                362           inform June 2009, Vol. 20 (6)

                                                        development agreement between the Ames           number of factors, including the ability of
       ALGAE                                            Laboratory and Catilin, Inc. (Ames, Iowa),
                                                        a nanotechnology-based company that spe-
                                                                                                         each facility to meet performance targets,
                                                                                                         which have yet to be determined.
                                                        cializes in biofuel production.                      The license is for 20 years, and the
       OriginOil                                             The so-called nanofarming technol-
                                                        ogy uses sponge-like mesoporous nano-
                                                                                                         Licensee has the option to extend for two
                                                                                                         additional 20-year periods.
       announces process                                particles to extract oil from the algae. The
                                                        process does not harm the algae, unlike
                                                                                                             PetroAlgae had said in February that it
                                                                                                         would sign its first major licensing agree-
       to extract oil from                              other methods being developed elsewhere.         ment by the end of the first quarter.

                                                        Thus, production costs are lowered, and the
                                                        oil-generation cycle is shortened.
            In mid-April, Los Angeles-based
                                                             Oil, once extracted, is subjected to a
                                                        solid catalyst from Catilin that easily con-
       OriginOil announced a single-step process
       to extract oil from algae. Oil, water, and
                                                        verts the oils to ASTM- and EN-certifiable
       biomass separate by gravity. No chemicals
                                                             Victor Lin and Marek Pruski are co-
       or heavy machinery is used, and no initial
       dewatering is required.
                                                        investigators on the project. Phases one and
                                                        two of the project will cover the culturing
                                                                                                         Amyris renewable
            Cell walls are broken down through the
       company’s Quantum Fracturing™ process,
                                                        and selection of microalgae, as well as the
                                                        development of the specific nanoparticle-
                                                                                                         diesel registered by
       in which algae in water, in the presence of
       special catalysts, are ultrasonicated to crack
                                                        based extraction and catalyst technologies
                                                        for the removal of algal oil and production
                                                                                                         US EPA
       the cell membrane and release the oil con-                                                        The US EPA officially registered the renew-
                                                        of biodiesel, respectively. Phase three will
       tained therein. Oil then rises to the top,                                                        able diesel fuel made by Amyris Biotech-
                                                        focus on scale-up of the catalyst and pilot
       from whence it can be skimmed and then                                                            nologies (Emeryville, California, USA) in
                                                        plant testing of conversion to biodiesel.
       refined. Fractured cells settle to the bottom,                                                    April, making this the first time a hydro-
       where they can be collected for further pro-                                                      carbon-based fuel made from plant-derived
       cessing as fuel or other products.
            A co
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