Biodiesel tested in the Arctic by ProQuest


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									                                                                                         360           inform June 2009, Vol. 20 (6)

       sales are predicted to rise from the present
       1.5 million metric tons per year (MMT/yr)
       to 2.0 MMT/yr. This regulation was passed
       in response to the new directive from the
       European Union (EU), which is asking for
       a minimum market share of 10% renewable
       energy in the traffic segment by 2020.
            If the 7% blend is implemented in
       the rest of the EU, there should be addi-
       tional opportunities for Germany to export
       its current production overcapacity for
       biodiesel. At present, Germany’s biodie-
       sel industry is working at less than 60%
       capacity because of higher taxes on green
       fuels and reduced blending levels with
       fossil fuels, according to an April 23 state-
       ment to Reuters by Johannes Daum, politi-
       cal director of the German biofuels industry
       association VDB. Germany had about 1,900
       petrol stations that sold biodiesel in early
       2008, but Daum said this number has fallen
       now to about 250.
            Spain, too, is having problems with         Mike Yoder, Doug Morrow, Trevor Glick, Bernard Tao, John Whittington, and J.
       increasing its biodiesel production. As of       Andres Soria stand by a pickup truck running on B100 “Permaflo Biodiesel.” The
       January 1, the country had a mandatory           truck was filled by an unheated tote outside in 20°F temperatures. Photo courtesy
       target that 3.4% of automotive fuel used         of Indiana Soybean Alliance.
       in 2009 be derived from biofuel, rising
       to 5.83% in 2010. But at present, Reuters
       reports that Spain’s biodiesel plants are
       running at just 9% of capacity. Producers
                                                        Biodiesel tested in the Arctic
       are hoping that duties imposed recently          The Indiana Soybean Alliance (Indianapolis, USA) sponsored a trip to Alaska
       by the EU on US imports of biodiesel will        in early March to demonstrate the viability of “Permaflo Biodiesel” produced
       trigger increased production.                    by Integrity Biofuels (Morristown, Indiana). AOCS member Bernard Y. Tao,
                                                        professor of agricultural and biological engineering at Purdue University

       Genetic resource
                                                        (West Lafayette, Indiana), who helped develop a method to make biodiesel
                                                        flow at low temperatures, was along on the trip to monitor the demonstra-

       center for jatropha                              tion of his invention.
                                                             Several vehicles and a generator, all fu
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