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									                                                                                       inform June 2009, Vol. 20 (6)                  359

  A new website, www.jatrophabook.
                                              Biofuels News
  com, has been started as an Internet-
  based global meeting point for people
  interested in jatropha. It intends to
  serve landholders who are growing
  or would like to grow jatropha. Jatro-
  phabook’s mission is to actively involve
  all jatropha stakeholders (seeds pro-
  ducers, processing plants, energy and
  biodiesel producers, final consumers,
  as well as research centers and institu-
  tions) in the creation of a sustainable
  biofuels market. Another useful site
  having information regarding jatropha
  and its growth is
  In late March ExxonMobil became the
  first company to sell biodiesel in New
  Zealand. It introduced a B5 blend (5%
  biodiesel, 95% petrodiesel) made from
  tallow in a marketing trial in the Bay
  of Plenty. The company has been criti-
  cized for lagging behind in the devel-
  opment of bioenergy projects and
                                                                                             it would be jointly owned and operated by
  investments, according to Biofuels-
                                                                                             ADM and Canadian Bioenergy. Gull Petroleum (Auck-
                                                                                                  According to the Canadian Press,
  land, New Zealand) introduced E10                                                          Doug Hooper, chief executive of Canadian
  fuel (10% ethanol, 90% gasoline) in
                                                                                             Bioenergy, indicated overall costs have not
  the country in 2007.                                                                       yet been determined, but “[I]t’s quite a bit
  A group of farmers in Hampton and           Bioenergy, ADM                                 more capital- and operating cost-efficient
                                                                                             to integrate a plant within a canola crush-
  Easton, New York (USA), planted
  pennycress (Thlaspi arvense) in Sep-
                                              may make biodiesel                             ing complex.”
                                                                                                  If the project proceeds, construction
  tember 2008 with the intention of har-      from c
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