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                                                                                               Webinar: Hybrid Video
                                                                                               Join Mike Mahan and Matthew Brines
                                                                                               of Network Video Technologies (NVT)
                                                                                               on May 21 for an insightful perspective
                                                                                               on hybrid video surveillance architec-
                                                                                               tures that deliver highly reliable, cost-
                                                                                               effective systems with a built-in migra-
                                                                                               tion path to an all-IP future. In addition
                                                                                               to discussing the major benefits of a
                                                                                               hybrid surveillance system, they will
                                                                                               also touch on structured cabling-based
       Security in Wine Country                                                                network architectures. Registration is
                                                                                               free and the webinar will be archived
                                                                                               after the live event.
     Kendall-Jackson Director of Security Shirley Pierini on                                   SecurityInfoWatch.com/webinars
        securing one of the world’s largest wine makers
                                                                                               Webinar: Identity and
            By Joel Griffin, assistant editor, SecurityInfoWatch.com
                                                                                               Access Management
                                                                                               Join us on May 28th as SIW hosts a
                    P    assing through the pristine landscapes of California’s wine coun-
                         try, it’s hard to imagine the complexities of keeping these valu-
                     able crops safe. Indeed, even some vineyard owners themselves are
                                                                                               one-hour webinar on the topic of iden-
                                                                                               tity and access management. Topics
                     unaware of the threats that their businesses face.                        to be examined include: how “iden-
                        It only took one incident, however, before Kendall-Jackson real-       tity” changes simple access control;
                     ized that it needed the help of an experienced security professional      the benefits of converging identity-
                     to help safeguard the company’s image and products. Following a           based access control for physical and
Pierini              large theft by three employees of one its high-end wines in early         logical security; and how to expand
                   2008, Kendall-Jackson, which owns more than 15,000 acres of land in         the use of an enrolled identity beyond
California alone, called upon Former ASIS International President and Chairman Shirley         access control to other business func-
Pierini to help them formulate a comprehensive security plan to protect not only their         tions. The webinar is free and will be
product from vine to table, but also to keep its employees safe.                               archived after the live event.
   Pierini, who 
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