The Trickle-Down Effect on Security Professionals by ProQuest


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									                                               MY POINT OF VIEW                                                                                                         by                                        Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

                                                       The Trickle-Down Effect
                                                      on Security Professionals
               here seem to be a lot of “trickle down” theories                                                                   wherever possible to minimize the manpower demands. The
               bouncing around. We have trickle down in market-                                                                   security department is tasked with getting the most from
               ing that says high-end consumer goods will reach a                                                                 every dollar we spend.”
               price-point comfortable enough for the masses to                                                                     Another security director says her actions have been just as
               afford. Can you say iPhone? Trickle-down theory in                                                                 drastic: “We were slotted to hire additional staff and those slots
    the world of technology highlights the deployment of specific                                                                 were eliminated. We have prioritized our services and are stick-
    technology solutions in niche vertical markets that eventually                                                                ing to the ‘gotta have’ issues like regulatory compliance. We had
    migrate to other verticals. Perhaps the best example of that in                                                               a $500,000 renovation of our security command center in the
    security are some of the FIPS 201 protocols filtering down to                                                                 pipeline and that project has been placed on hold. We are all
    the corporate sector from government.                                                                                         hearing the same battle cry — you need to do more with less.”
       Yet the most familiar of them all is “trickle-down econom-
    ics” that was the backbone of President Ronald Reagan’s                                                                             Many security directors have
    economic philosophy. The media called it Reaganomics. More
    accurately described as supply-side economics, this trickle-                                                                    been told to put projects on hold,
    down effect is part fact and part fiction.
       The premise that tax cuts to top-income earners, along with                                                                  freeze needed hiring and stretch
    economic stimulus to big business and rich investment bank-
    ers somehow “trickles” down to benefit the middle class has
                                                                                                                                       the budget until the organiza-
    some merit in a free-market society. But as we have seen this
    past year, when those same investment bankers fail to let the
                                                                                                                                         tional purse strings reopen.
    free market do its thing, and government steps in to regulate                                                                    So severe and unique is the current economic deep-
    the money faucet, bad things happen.                                                                                          freeze that ASIS recently conducted a survey among its CSO
       Will Rogers once said during the Great Depression that                                                                     Roundtable and members who are practitioners with manage-
    “money was all appropriated for the top in hopes that it would                                                                ment responsibility. While CSO and security manager answers
    trickle down to the needy.”                                                                                                   corresponded with their respective levels of varying respon-
       But when the economy tanks so badly that the trickle dries                                                                 sibility, there was consistency when reporting restrictions on
    up and corporate spending is almost non-existent, is there                                                                    business travel and new-hire freezes. Other areas that have
    a cumul
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