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									WEB-BASED ACCESS CONTROL                                By Deborah L. O’Mara

                                               IP Extends
                                               its Reach
                                               Integrators seize the browser

     I       t’s hard to get integrators to jump on the bandwag-
             on for just any technology. They’re a smart lot and
             want to know exactly what the benefits will be to
             the end-user because that’s how they sell it. In ac-
      cess control, IP technology is something they can’t seem
      to curb their enthusiasm over.
         Access control systems (ACS) that reside on the network
                                                                           he said. S2’s NetBox is an integrated physical security
                                                                           management system which uses network appliance ar-
                                                                           chitecture. The system provides credential-based access
                                                                           control, event and alarm monitoring, video surveillance,
                                                                           analog temperature monitoring and VoIP communica-
                                                                           tions. Control is through a network appliance that deliv-
                                                                           ers a user interface using only a traditional Web browser.
      with an appliance or server, or those which are hosted or               “The system operates like a common Web site, so
      Software as a Service (SaaS), provide tangible savings in            users adapt to its sophisticated features with minimal
      deployment and total cost of ownership (TCO). For the user,          training,” Moss said.
      there’s the familiarity of the Internet to access and manage            There’s more to this story. The migration to IP contin-
      the facility, from anywhere the network is present or acces-         ues to play a huge role in the evolution of security dealer
      sible. For the integrator, Web-based access control brings           to systems integrator and now, value-added reseller.
      additional recurring revenue from maintenance, service                  Tim Feury, president of Altec Systems Inc. in Mari-
      and technical and managed services support.                          etta, Ga., has been offering Web-based access control
         When you put access control on the network, you open              for several years, with positive results.
      a world of possibilities, according to John Moss, chief ex-             “I look at it as a great way to garner additional RMR,”
      ecutive officer of S2 Security Corp., Framingham, Mass.              he said. “I can bundle software, support and upgrades
      “There’s a huge savings in TCO, especially in an enter-              in a monthly charge.” The end-user, he said, is familiar
      prise application, when you can eliminate wires and  
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