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  Listen Up-Who’s Speaking at ESX
     Francis X. Taylor, vice president and chief security                                               Notifier continues to edu-
  officer, General Electric Company (GE), will provide                                                  cate the installing integra-
  the morning keynote address for ESX on June 24 at 10
                                                                                                        tor on the changing world
  a.m. on the topic of “Local Solutions for Global Secu-
                                                                                                        of mass communications
  rity Threats.” SD&I magazine Publisher Carol Enman
  will introduce Taylor, and offer insights into the grow-                                              and emergency notification
  ing industry and its current and future directions.                                                   products, presenting tech-
     James Johnson, Baltimore County Police Chief will be a                                             nical classes.
  featured speaker at the ESX Industry Icebreaker luncheon
  on June 23rd at 12:15 p.m. Chief Johnson will explain his
  motivation for advocating broader deployment of video.
                                                                   Notifier Offers Mass Notification/
   The new leaders track is designed as a type of survival         Gas Detection Seminars
guide for newly promoted managers and teaches fundamen-               There are a wide range of mass notification solutions
tals of project and people management, applicable for new          available today, some of which are UL listed for life safety
or promoted managers or companies in security.                     and others that are not—a difference that all facility man-
   Finally, the NBFAA is using ESX as the launch platform          agers and building owners should fully understand.
for its Young Security Professionals (YSP) Group, in which            Notifier, Northford, Conn., manufacturer of engineered
NBFAA is hosting receptions, meetings and special presenta-        fire alarm systems and part of the Honeywell Fire Systems
tions for YSPs at ESX.                                             Group, will be hosting a series of free, half-day seminars for
                                                                   anyone responsible for the design, selection and operation
All Star Hosts                                                     of fire and life safety systems in commercial, educational,
   Chief Financial Officers, Jeff Hoffman and Ralph Masino         industrial, retail, healthcare and hospitality facilities. At-
from this year’s All Star Host companies, ASG Security and Vec-    tendees will learn how changing mass notification codes
tor Security, are presenting unique information on key perfor-     and advancing gas detection technologies will impact them.
mance indicators, Wednesday June 24 from 8:30 to 9:45 a.m.         Notifier’s life safety seminars will address the evolving
The course covers business metric
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