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Get Ready for ESX 2009
  With the 2009 Electronic Security Expo (ESX) com-
ing up shortly, key industry professionals are already filling
up their calendars with daily events, educational sessions and
                                                                               The ABCs of Growing Your Business
presentations and just plain fun.                                              as a New UL Central Station
  Scheduled for June 22 through 26 in Baltimore, last year’s
inaugural show logged some 2,000 attendees. Advance at-                          Scheduled for June 22 from 1 to 5 p.m. in the Baltimore
tendee registrations are nearly triple the registrations received              Convention Center, this half-day workshop discusses the
during the time frame for the 2008 event. John Galante, presi-                 benefits and requirements of a various Underwriters
dent of AE Ventures, producers of ESX, also agreed that this                   Laboratories (UL) listings for central stations. Attendees
year’s turnout is already way ahead of last year’s show, thanks                will learn how to prepare for a UL evaluation, when to
to a number of key factors which include a larger show floor                   apply and where to get answers to questions that arise
at the Baltimore Convention Center; more conference offer-                     throughout the process. Other key points addressed will
ings including advanced educational sessions for attendees,                    focus on building configuration and equipment used
installers and integrators; and an expected increase of day-to-                that could provide up-front cost savngs. The course will
day attendees, based on Baltimore’s close proximity to major                   be taught by Peter Tallman, section manager UL.
metropolitan areas in the East.                                                  “There are several hundred central station operators
                                                                               who could benefit from the distinction and discipline as-
                                                                               sociated with a UL listing,” said John Lombardi, presi-
  PBFAA Sponsors 2009 ESX                                                      dent of CIA Security, Fishkill, N.Y., and chairman of the
                                                                               ESX Program Advisory Committee. “This session offers
    The Pennsylvania Burglar & Fire Alarm Association                          a way to concisely review both the advantages and re-
  (PBFAA) is sponsoring this year’s ESX show, co-                              source requirements of pursuing a listing.”
  located with its annual exhibition which annually
  draws approximately 200 owner/operators and top
  management decision makers from Pennsylvania’s                            Following the educational track
  installing and monitoring companies for two days of                         A main topic of discussion for this year’s ESX regards the
  education and networking. PBFAA will also host a Board                    youth movement that the National Burglar and Fire Alarm As-
  of Directors meeting and a special general membership                     sociation and the Central Station Alarm Association are work-
  meeting on Thursday June 25, which will provide an                        ing to put in effect for 2009 and following shows to come.
  update on state licensing issues during ESX.                                “We wanted to address programming that would appeal
                                                                            to upcoming leaders,” said Galante.

   JUNE                               McCormick Place, Chicago              JULY                                    21-24
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